Pambling Roads~~Alabama to Florida

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Pambling Roads ~~ Alabama to Florida


      North Florida 

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 It has been an awesome round trip from Florida all the way north to New Brunswick over to Niagara Falls and back down to Florida. This is the last leg of the Eastern States Pambling Roads. We hope you have enjoyed this as much as we have.




This time we stayed at the Best Western in Troy, Alabama. We only stayed one night but my notes on the invoice says: “NICE, NICE, NICE”. So, I’m going to put my neck out there and say that the stay was really nice.


The Pioneer Museum of Alabama in Troy


pioneervillage.jpg (300×183)           pioneervillage2.jpg (300×225)

Spend the afternoon and walk through time. You will be thrilled to see several artifacts from ancient times to present day. The main building alone has a huge display of museum pieces and history. The buildings and displays outside include a steam locomotive, smoke house, log church, covered bridge, schoolhouse, grist mill and much more. 

pioneervillage4.jpg (300×225)           pioneervillage3.jpg (300×225)




The La Quinta in Columbus, Ga (Mid-town) on Macon Rd was a great stay. It was a little busier than what we have been staying at but not unexpected since we knew where it was located before we reserved the room.


We ate dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse right next door to the La Quinta. The food was absolutely delicious, and the service was first rate. I also fell in love with a painting of galloping horses they had on the wall. I would love to have one like it and have searched for months and still can’t find one similar to it.


 civilwarmuseum.jpg (300×225)      civilwarmuseum3.jpg (300×225)

The National Civil War Museum in Port Columbus was one of our stops. The museum had the hull of a ship that had been destroyed by the Union army, a large section of a gunboat, as well, as other remnants of battle ships.  The place was awesome, so much information and absolutely a must see for anyone who loves museums like this. The huge collection of Civil War Naval flags and several artifacts on display were fascinating.


Roosevelt’s Little White House


   littlewhitehouse.jpg (300×186)          littlewhitehouse2.jpg (300×186)


The Little White House tour includes FDR’s vacation home, the guesthouse, and servants’ quarters. The unfinished painting that he was sitting for when he had his massive stroke is also on display.

FDR loved the Warm Springs area, not just for its natural beauty but also for the healing warm springs.

warmsprings.jpg (300×241)  

Warm Springs Park is about a mile from Roosevelt’s vacation home. The pools are spring-fed with a temperature of about 88 degrees. There is a small museum at the park that tells about the springs and the history of Warm Springs.



Providence Canyon State Park

Providence Canyon State Park

  canyon.jpg (300×241)        canyon2.jpg (300×241)

This park was awesome. The canyon was created because of poor soil management/farming from well over a hundred years ago. Abandoned vehicles from the early 1920s and 30s are sprinkled along the trail. With the trees, bushes, and foliage, the vehicles cannot be moved as they are now washed/buried into the soil and are part of the eco-system. As we walked along the trail there were several spots where we could stop and enjoy the view of the canyon.

 canyon3.jpg (300×225)          canyon4.jpg (300×225)

As we were returning to our vehicle, we met a couple, Chris and Fannie. They were dressed in the clothing similar to the Mennonites or Amish fashion. I did not ask. We chatted for about 30 minutes, talking about farming, horses, mini-vacations, etc. After we parted ways and went to another section of the canyon, we ended up seeing each other again down the road at the visitor center. Guess it was meant to be, because we chatted again for another half hour. My husband and I enjoyed our conversations with them; great couple, I wish them well.


Pebble Hill Plantation – Thomasville, GA.


pebblehill3.jpg (300×225)          pebblehill4.jpg (300×225)


We almost gave up. We drove around for about 20 minutes, stopped, asked for help, and still couldn’t find it. We tried calling and no one answered the phone. Finally, we decided to try one more time to see if someone heard about it and we found a lady who was filling her tank at a gas station. Thank you!!!

It was gorgeous. I am so happy that we did not give up and go back to the hotel room. By the time we arrived it was raining so we took our time inside the main home admiring the fine art and museum. It originally was a winter home and was a sporting residence as in hunting equestrian competitions, entertaining, etc.

The employees were wonderful. They excelled in hospitality, proving once again that Georgia is at the top of their game when it comes to Southern Hospitality.

The grounds (just under 80 acres) were tremendous. We only covered a few acres ourselves but even that was spectacular. A dairy, stables, carriage house, firehouse, gardens, pool house, tennis court and a maze kept our interest. There was much more to see, however, it started pouring rain and we decided our excursion was over.


I have to say, driving through Dawson, GA was a ride I will never forget. It was a pretty town and we were in a quiet section when I opened the car windows to let in the some fresh air. OMGoodness, it smelled soooooooo good! It smelled like you just opened a fresh jar of peanut butter. Yum!


St. Augustine, Florida


The nation’s oldest city.



The last week of our Eastern States excursion was St Augustine, Florida; one of those places where we continue to return for a bit of a holiday. (Three or four times a year) Normally, we stay at Vilano Beach at the Ocean View but we decided to do something different this time. We stayed at the Comfort Suites within walking distance of the historic district.

 FL6.jpg (300×400)      FL4.jpg (300×217)

The Oldest House and the Milltop Tavern and Restaurant


We do not use the trolley tours every time we visit but this time we did. We love taking the trolley tours. They are always enjoyable and the guides/narration are full of historical tidbits. Just one wish … I wish they would extend their tour hours to later in the evening. 4:30 is just too early in the summer time. They offer several packages deals, perfect for every budget.

I have to admit that I don’t think we have ever been to St. Augustine and not eaten at the Milltop Tavern. Between the great view, great service, great food, and live entertainment you have it all. Did I mention that it was a great place?

Since we didn’t drive, we were able to enjoy a few drinks. We tried Stacy’s Sour Kiss, recommended by our server Stacy! You guessed it; the drink is named after her. Stop by and say hello to Stacy. On other evenings, we tried Kathy’s Party Mouth and the Milltop Cosmo. I won’t be much help with recommending a particular meal. They are all awesome and we have probably tried/eaten everything on the menu.

 FL3.jpg (300×191) 

Castillo de San Marcos

We have never eaten at the Mi Casa Café and we decided to try it for lunch. They too have live entertainment. The place was packed. It was good eating, fast service, and off we went.

Another first for us was The Santa Maria Restaurant. The restaurant is over the water and they give you day old bread to feed to the birds and fish to drop down from trap doors. Their seafood was cooked to perfection, right along with their first rate service. They have a lounge but we did not sit on that side of the restaurant. However, that is on the agenda for our next visit to St. Augustine.

FL5.jpg (300×225)


The Lightner Museum 

So, now you wonder, we did all this eating, did we do any site seeing? Of course we did. There is so much to see in St. Augustine that a book could be written about it. There is always so much to see and wonderful places to return and visit. We never tire of going to St. Augustine and always recommend it as a must-see.

I will not mention all that we have seen. (Another book’s worth) I will mention our favorites and recommended “must sees” for those who don’t have the luxury of returning there on a regular basis.



Dow Museum of Historic Houses

Father Miguel O’Reilly House Museum

Fountain of Youth

The Old Jail

Old Wooden School House

Pirate and Treasure Museum

Spanish Quarter

Villa Zorayda Museum

Ximenez-Fatio House



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