Thriller Fest

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 By Don Helin

            Thriller Fest is an annual conference sponsored by International Thriller Writers.  The conference is held in New York each year and is divided into three segments:

          Craft Fest is held the first day and one half of the conference and is geared to writers.  Examples of classes held during Craft Fest include:  “The Series Character, How to do it Right” with Michael Connelly, “Who's Telling the Story and What are they saying – POV and Dialogue” with Steve Berry, and “Small Things – Techniques and Ideas to Burnish your text” with John Sanford.

          You cannot come away after listening to these authors at Craft Fest without some great new ideas to ratchet up your writing.

          A portion of Craft Fest is set aside as Agent Fest.  Normally there are around sixty agents who attend.  These agents focus on suspense and thriller novels and are looking for your work.  It's a great opportunity to get your work seen by a number of agents.  At past Agent Fests, I've seen nearly twenty five agents during that one afternoon.  Imagine how hard that would be to do on your own.

          Thriller Fest itself is held the next day and one half and while still beneficial to writers, is also geared to readers.  There are an amazing number of readers who attend Thriller Fest in order to meet and get books signed by some of their favorite authors.

          Some of the classes conducted at Thriller Fest include:  “What are the New Rules of Pitching Magazines, “Who Killed Jack the Ripper – Putting the Mystery in History,” and “Is the end coming soon? - Apocalyptic Friction.”  These classes are conducted in the panel format so you can hear the views of a number of writers.

          The Thriller Fest Banquet is the last night of the conference and is where the annual thriller awards are presented.  Also here is a chance to hear from this year's Thriller Master.

          Anne Rice is the 2013 Thriller Master, an award granted to one of the top thriller writers in the country and indeed the world.  As many of you know Rice is known for weaving the visible and supernatural worlds together in epic stories that both entertain and challenge readers and is a fun and exciting speaker.

          The International Thriller Writers was formed back in 2006.  The group held their first conference in Phoenix.  Ever since that time, the conference are conducted in New York City.

          Sprinkled throughout the three days are presentations by various Spotlight Guests.  These are nationally known authors who share their experiences with attendees.  This year's Spotlight Guests were Michael Connelly, T. Jefferson Parker, Michael Palmer and R.L. Stine.  What a treat to hear these wonderful authors share their experiences and thoughts.

          For me personally, the Debut Author program was pivotal in my career development.  When an author receives notice that a publisher would like to publish his/her book, you can join the debut author program.  In my class, there were fourteen authors in my 2009 class.

          During our debut year, we were treated to presentations by some of the best in the business: Lee Child, M.J. Rose, Barry Eisner, to name just a few.  Each year, International Thriller Writers sponsors a debut author's breakfast at Thriller Fest where each author is given a minute to tell about his/her novel.  What a tremendous marketing opportunity.

          And best of all, many of my debut authors mates are already receiving awards for their novels.  For example, we already have three who are New York Times Best Selling Authors.  What a wonderful group to be involved with.

          So – I'd suggest you give International Thriller Writers a look.  Thriller Fest provides a marvelous opportunity to meet agents and editors, well known authors who can help your with blurbs, and a whole stable of great authors to gain as friends.


Don Helin published his first thriller, “Thy Kingdom Come,” in 2009.  His second, “Devil's Den,” has been selected as a finalist in the Indies Book Awards. 


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