Interview with Michelle Pillow

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Interview with Michelle Pillow

Superstar author with over 70 books, multi-published and multi-genre Michelle Pillow takes prolific to a new level. Not only is she multi-published, Michelle’s books are available in several different languages including Spanish, German, Japanese, and Thai to name a few. Michelle gifts her readers with several choices from her multi-genre best-selling books from historical and contemporary romance to futuristic, paranormal, and fantasy.

Welcome Michelle

Affaire de Coeur's September Calendar Girl!


AdC:   Do you have another job other than writing?
Michelle:   Everything I do relates to writing. For example, I co-own The Raven Books with author Mandy M. Roth. I’m also a photographer, though most of the time I’m so busy with writing deadlines I don’t get the opportunity to shoot as much as I’d like.

AdC:   If I came to your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would I find?    


Michelle:   Hopefully, you’ll find it clean. LOL And French Vanilla creamer. I’m grumpy in the morning if I don’t get my coffee the way I like it.

AdC:   Where do you like to go when you want to run away?

Michelle:   My dream is to travel to every country in the world. I still have a ways to go. A lot of the time when I want to run away it’s to a beach in the tropics, margarita’s included.

AdC:   Do you have a social/political cause you are passionate about?
Michelle:   I support several causes. One I’m very passionate about is animals—spaying and neutering discount programs, trap/alter/release programs for cats, supporting animal shelters, and stiffer punishments for animal cruelty. I’m very protective of living things that can’t protect themselves—animals, children, etc. I also support end hunger campaigns, especially with children. No child should ever go hungry.
AdC:   What is the best advice anyone ever gave you?
Michelle:   Love yourself.
AdC:   Tell us your latest news? Current projects?
Michelle:   I always have several projects going at once. I recently finished the redesign of my website, I’m really proud of it. Another new thing is many of my books will be releasing in audio versions over the next year. I’m very excited to have some great narrators on board for the books. As for writing, I have more futuristics planned in the Dragon Lords series (and spin off series- Lords of the Var, Space Lords, etc). The futuristic multi-series are hands down reader favorites.
AdC:   Considering that you have written a gazillion books for a gazillion different genres and another gazillion different series….How do you do it???
Michelle:   Lots and lots of coffee. It helps that I love what I do. Also, reader emails are always encouraging whenever I start feeling worn out. I have the greatest readers. I’m very lucky.
AdC:   Easiest and hardest thing about writing?
Michelle:   Getting lost in the research is the easiest, but not always the smartest when you’re on deadlines. The hardest can be the long hours. It’s not just sit and write a book. There’s also marketing and promotions, maintaining the websites, narrator auditions, formats, research, contract negotiations, appearances, etc. I can’t complain, though, I love my job. I’m very lucky.
AdC:   What inspired you to write your first book?
Michelle:   It was just something I had to do. I always loved telling stories, whether with my camera or words.
AdC:   Do you listen to music while you write?
Michelle:   No. I have television on for background noise. If it’s too quiet I can’t concentrate. If it’s music, I start singing instead.
AdC:   We understand you have a publishing company as well as working for a magazine…tell us more
Michelle:   I co-own The Raven Books (www.TheRavenBooks) with author Mandy M. Roth. It’s a small indie press where we’ve republished the second and third editions of many of our books that were taken out of contract with our traditional publishers. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made and I have no complaints. The hours are much longer, but I love it!
I also do interviews and write investigative pieces for Paranormal Underground Magazine. It’s fun to get invited out on paranormal investigations. I’ve gotten to spend the night at a Historical Museum, the Orpheum a vaudeville theater, and Old Cowtown Museum.
AdC:   Name one actor/actress you would love to get naughty with?
Michelle:   I was just in a lively discussion earlier today about how we’d so marry David Bowie as Jareth. LOL Though I’m not sure that’s the answer I’d give to “naughty,” I did admire his eye shadow.
Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead is my Apocalypse Husband. If stuff goes down, I’m hooking up with him for the end of world.
AdC:   Any life experiences tangled in the storylines?

Michelle:   I tend to plan storylines and characters over what I feel like researching. I was interested in entomology (bug science) and from that Bit by the Bug (Random House) was hatched.
I also take research trips to really learn about the area I want to write about. Experience is as important as imagination.

AdC:   What books do you have on your favorites shelf?
Michelle:   Travels with Charley by Steinbeck, Pride and Prejudice by Austen, Immortal Ops by Mandy M. Roth.
AdC:   If you could say one thing to the next generation of authors, what would it be?
Michelle:   Do your research from quality sources—research the industry (both self-publishing and traditional), research your book, how to market, contract law, everything. In this case knowledge really is power. The more you know, the better position you’ll be in. Even with an agent, you need to know what you’re signing. Even if you write futuristic offworld fantasy, books that are based in some reality are more believable. Research is so important.
AdC:   What would you like to say to your readers?

Michelle:   I love you all. Thank you for your kind emails, your support, and for buying my books. Without you, I don’t have a job and I love my job. Thank you!!


Thank you Michelle for taking the time to visit with us.


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