Interview with Ester Lopez

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August Calendar Girl

Ester Lopez


Interview with Author Ester Lopez

Ester Lopez is a writer and publisher. She lives in the Smoky Mountains, where she has been writing sci-fi and paranormal/inspirational adventure romances for almost thirty years. Her first children’s book, “The Adventures of Charlie and Ellie” was released this year.


  1. When I write, I first figure out who my characters are, so I don’t outline.


  1. I like to create characters with lots of ‘character.’ Sometimes the name comes to me first and I try to go from there. But I use “Heroes & Heroines” by Cowden, LaFever, & Viders to create them, then “GMC: Goal, Motivation, & Conflict” by Dixon to figure out what they want.


  1. My newest book in my Sci-fi series is “Betrayed,” which was released last year, where a promotion-seeking lieutenant and a feisty Secret Service agent must find a missing landing party before a war hungry Admiral and a conniving General unleash an intergalactic war of the worlds.


  1. My current WIP is the continuation of that story and what happens to the two characters from book 3 and introducing two new characters in book 4. One of my favorite scenes so far is when the astronaut, Torin Conolly speaks to his flight instructor, Captain Gadara ni Hovsep, he is inches from her lips, teasing her to live life more fully. He leaves and forgets his shoes (in the laundry area of the space ship they’re on). She comes knocking on his door and says, “You forgot something,” drops his shoes in his room and pulls him into a steamy kiss.


  1. My motivation for a perfect writing day is when the story just comes to me and I try to type as fast as I can to get it into the computer. But I really like writing things down in long hand and when I type them up, I edit as I go.



  1. I get my plot ideas from everywhere and I try to put twists into some of them. Current events are triggering more of this story as well as characters from my other stories when they start telling me their backstory and I go with it.


  1. Yes, I do research for my sci-fi stories. I use a lot of conspiracy theories for this book and the last one. Most of it is online searches, some have been books I’ve read, or when I watch Ancient Aliens or similar documentaries on TV.


  1. My favorite thing about being an author is I can be anyone and do anything I want in my stories.


  1. I like my sci-fi genre and the paranormal genre, but didn’t realize the paranormal is also inspirational (At least, the way I write it since it’s about angels). I want to continue those two genres, but I’ve added children’s books to my list.


  1. Currently, I have three sci-fi books out and hopefully number four will be out later this summer. I also have two paranormal/Inspirational books out and one children’s book. I hope to finish another paranormal and children’s book by the end of the year.


  1. All my book signings for this year were cancelled and rescheduled for next year, so that’s when I’ll be attending book signings. I’m hoping to get responses from people interested in coming to a book signing in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee that I will be putting on next year. I’ll see what happens with that one.


  1. Some words of wisdom for aspiring writers: Never give up! Keep writing if you feel that is your calling. Once you finish your first book, start on book number two, then three, four, and onto book five. Then go back, re-read, edit, tweak, each one before having your books edited professionally, then publish. They say 5 is the magic number.


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