Spotlight On Miranda Lynn

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USA Today Bestselling Author Miranda Lynn


Miranda has always been a voracious reader and created worlds in her head ever since she can remember. The inspiration of two of her English teachers and a creative writing teacher put the writing but into her head and it slowly grew until the advice of a fellow writer hit home. She uses that same advice when talking to other aspiring writers. “Write the story you want to read”

Miranda is the wife of an army veteran, a proud mother to two amazing sons, a fur baby lover and is excited as each new chapter in her life unfolds even with the bumps and bruises that may come with it. She enjoys connecting with fellow authors, readers, and fans. If you ever get the chance to meet her, you’ll remember her always.

How many different genres do you write? 

Currently I write in three different genres. Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Time Travel Romance


Tell us about the type of characters you love to write about.

I love writing about strong females and males who are both protective and supportive, and of course sexy as hell. I have recently began writing a bit darker for my heroes, broken and twisted former lives that haunt them. Along with shitty villains you want to hate and clap when they get their comeuppance.


Do you have a new book or series?

I do have a new series that began this year. The Night Shift Series is a spin-off of my Black Mountain Pack and will become interwoven as it progresses. This series is the darker side of my paranormal world.


Favorite quote?

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you."--Ray Bradbury


What do you do when you just don’t feel like writing?

I read, in my genre, out of my genre or I play WOW I have a wonderful guild that includes my author bestie and her hubby so it’s a way for both of us to get away from writing and just enjoy some relaxing gaming time.


There’s a lot of controversy going around about how authors shouldn’t write about things they’ve never experienced, i.e. if you’re not trans, gay, an addict etc. don’t write a character like that…what’s your take on that?

I don’t agree, but I do highly recommend doing your research, asking those who are a part of whatever community or character you are writing about.


Many indie authors don’t get their books edited by professionals. What advice would you give them?

For me an editor is an absolute must. I cannot see mistakes in my own writing and by round three of revisions, my eyes are skimming over chunks because I already know what it says or should say. Alpha and beta readers are great helps with catching things, but my editor polishes the rough corners, fixes my addiction to commas, and points out lines that make great teasers, or that make her lol, pull at her emotions, or just make her smile at the sass or stupidity of the character at that moment.


What do you do to go beyond your comfort zone when it comes to writing and life?

This new series is out of my comfort zone with the darker and possible trigger worthy scenes. I enjoyed writing them and then guiding the story as it develops into the HEA that all my books have. In life at this moment, I don’t do much out of my comfort zone. I have become quite a bit of a homebody other than work and necessary store runs, though I enjoy traveling to new places and trying out new places to eat and drink.


Will you be attending any book signings or conventions? 

Yes, I just attended Writers on the River in Peoria, IL. I have Naughty in Nashville on October 9th, and Indie Romance Convention November 10-13 in Lebanon, TN. I have quite a few scheduled for next year as well, all info is available on my website.


Pass on some words of wisdom, please, to aspiring authors.

Keep writing, get all the words out because those can be edited, fixed, and revised. If you write nothing, then nothing is what you will have. Ask questions, don’t get caught up in the drama side of the indie world, and always keep learning!


Please give us the following contact information:

Personal web page

Twitter I don’t use twitter


Instagram: @authormirandalynn





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