Spotlight On Pamela Ackerson

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Pamela Ackerson Spotlight Interview



With over 70 books published, time traveling adventurer Pamela Ack3rson is an award-winning multi-genre author. She was born and raised in Newport, RI where history is a way of life. She lives on the Space Coast of Florida where everyone is encouraged to reach for the stars! When it's time to runaway, she's a hop, skip, and jump to Disney World and fun-filled imagination and fantasy. She writes time travel, westerns, Native American, historical fiction, non-fiction, WW2, inspirational, self-help marketing and advertising, personal and travel journals, and children's preschool/first reader books.







Why have you written so many different genres?

I’ve been published since I was sixteen years old. My first story was science fiction. From there, I wanted to explore different genres and stories.


Tell us about the type of characters you love to write about.

I like taking real people, real experiences and twisting them around so readers can relate to the story, even if it is a ‘far-fetched’ as time travel.


Do you have a new book or series?

I’m excited about Skies of Blue. It started as a back-story of a character I have in a series I am currently writing. It is part of the Late to Love Anthology Box Set with twenty-nine other authors. All proceeds go to #TeamPink4Teri.


Favorite quote?

To multiply your happiness, divide it with others.


What do you do when you just don’t feel like writing?

I enjoy playing the keyboard, easy-listening type music. When it’s not too hot outside, I work in the garden. As a lifetime herbalist, I have many herbs, veggies, and fruits in the gardens.


There’s a lot of controversy going around about how authors shouldn’t write about things they’ve never experienced, i.e. if you’re not trans, gay, an addict etc. don’t write a character like that…what’s your take on that?

My usual response: Well, I’ve written about serial killers and I’m not one…or am I?


Many indie authors don’t get their books edited by professionals. What advice would you give them?

I’ve been asked this question many times. Inexperienced authors need to understand they are selling a product, and are in business to sell their product. If a book isn’t edited properly, it’s not a quality product.


Will you be attending any book signings or conventions?

I have several events I’ll be attending in 2022


I had to bow out of Book Obsessed Babes in April, a worthy event for readers and authors.

In May, I’ll be attending Weekend with the Authors in Nashville, TN and the Capital City Book Event in Montgomery, AL

In June, Space Coast Book Lovers in Cape Canaveral, FL

September, you’ll find me in Clearwater Beach, FL at Books at the Beach

In the Fall, there’s a tentative scheduled event East Texas Booktakular

November will be Meet the Authors in Melbourne, FL

The majority of my books (excluding the journals) are now available in Large Print

Please give us the following contact information:

Personal web page:

Twitter: @PamAckerson

Facebook: PamelaAckersonAuthor






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