Spotlight On AdC's Ms August Leanne Tyler

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 Leanne Tyler  AdC’s Ms. August Calendar Girl

2023 Author Interview Questions

Award-winning author Leanne Tyler writes romance and suspense with a twist whether military romantic suspense, contemporary or historical. Her popular Chicago Protection Task Force and A Lone Wolf series are part of the Brotherhood Protectors World. Other series includes The Good Luck series--a collection of short contemporary romantic comedy romances set in East Tennessee. In addition, she writes American historical novels set prior to and during the Civil War.

Leanne lives in East Tennessee with her son and frisky Yorkie. For more information about her books and to sign up for her newsletter, please visit


  1. Tell us about the genre(s) you write. Why did you choose to go in that direction?


I write military romantic suspense. I didn’t pick it. My friend and fellow author Sharon Griffith convinced me I’d be good at writing in this genre because of writing as my alter ego Lexi Witcher writing YA Paranormal. My friend said if I could write that then I could write romantic suspense. It took my reading one of Elle James’ books in her Brotherhood Protectors World to believe I could do it, but once I did, I realized that I could write them as well. Ten books later and I’m writing special projects for Elle James and loving it. My friend couldn’t have been more right about my ability. Sometimes it takes others to see our hidden talents.   


  1. Tell us about the type of characters you love to write about.


I like to write about unforgettable characters that make the readers want to see them again in other books.


  1. Do you have a new book or series?


I have two. One is coming out this month: Simon’s Promise is book two in the Team Raptor special Project. Simon is an explosive’s expert and he is called to Colorado Springs to investigate a fake bomb at a hotel by a former trainee who attended one of his explosive’s seminars. Jocelyn is a former FBI agent who is working as head of security at the hotel. Together they try to figure out who planted the bomb and left the note that Jocelyn’s days are numbered at the hotel.  

I have a new book that will be coming out this fall. It is book two in A Lone Wolf Series: Lonely No More. It is about a reporter who is getting death threats for reporting on a cold murder case and the PI who is working for the family suggests she needs a protector and reaches out to the Wolf Agency. Of course, my heroine doesn’t believe she needs a protector and my hero agrees to back off if she doesn’t get anymore threats, but we know that isn’t going to happen. I’ve got a great cover for this one.

  1. Favorite quote: I’m not sure that I have one.
  1. If you were transported to the setting of the book you're currently reading or writing, where would you be?

I’d be transported to Altoona, Pennsylvania. That is where Lonely No More is set. It is a town that is similar to East Tennessee is many ways. I believe I would fit right in there.

  1. Do you hide any “Easter eggs” secrets/truths in your books that only a few people will find?

Typically, I do not. Although people will come back and tell me they find this or that in my stories and I’m amazed that they do. Of course, as an author I will take credit for it because how do I know that subconsciously I did not put that there intentionally? I could have without knowing it.


      1. If you saw a doorway/portal in the middle of the forest, would you enter it?

Depends on if I was feeling adventurous or not at the time. It might be like when I was writing Victory’s Gate for the Though the Garden Gate contest which got me first published in 2007 and walking through that portal could take me back to the Civil War when Victoria found herself on the Battery in Charleston, SC early one foggy morning as the soldiers were marching down the street preparing for battle instead of the garden where she’d come from.

      1. What scenes do you find hard to write and why?

I find love scenes especially hard to write. I want to make them believable, and I worry that they won’t come across that way or will read too graphic or even forced. I like my characters to lead if there is one in the story. And sometimes I spend more time on the suspense than I do the romance and have to revise to add it in. But in the end, I feel I have a good story that the readers will enjoy.

      1. Will you be attending any book signings or conventions?
      • August 2023—Rockin’ Romance Readers August 5 at the Airport Hilton in Knoxville, TN
      • October 2023—Wears Valley Fall Festival October 20-22 Wears Valley, Townsend, TN
      • November 2023 – Indie Romance Convention November 1-4 Lebanon, TN co-Keynote with Sharon Griffith
      1. What's something about you -- personality traits, habits, background, etc that has been useful in your writing?

I have a background in journalism. Even when I was in college working for the newspaper, my beat editor said I had a sense of organization in my writing. I believe that has helped me as a writer. I try to keep my story telling tight and the pacing fast. I don’t bog it down with too much detail or description to slow the pacing.


Please give us the following contact information:

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