I am a Runner by Maria Papalia-Meier with Pamela Ackerson

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I am a Runner: the Memoirs of a Sepsis Survivor

by Maria Papalia-Meier and Pamela Ackerson


“You’ll never be able to run again.”

From running half marathons to being the sickest person in the hospital, Maria Papalia-Meier fought the river of death, and won.

Life changing moments, amputations, and negative thoughts refused to keep her down. With her rock-hard stubbornness, positive self-empowerment and persistence, she grabbed hope and unflinching faith to face the life handed to her. Her story offers an honest, tough-love approach to defeating pre-determined opinions, and self-imposed limitations. She refused to give up or give in.

Maria Papalia-Meier is a runner. She has awoken stronger…better.

This is her story.



Sneak Peek

Maria Papalia Meier's 

 I am a Runner


What I have told, and will continue to tell people…Never give up. Willpower, from the mind and heart, is the whole shebang. It’s what’s been and what will be.

I went from being the sickest person to running a half-marathon. I turned my back on the Angel of Death. It wasn’t my time. I have fought the reaper, and fought the river of death. I accepted the compelling and intimidating challenges that kept pummeling me in the face.

I merely punched back.

People are the most complex living beings in our world. I was one of those people who always exaggerated how bad I felt.

Never again. I know and understand too much. Like an inexperienced boxer in the ring, I was struck down and knocked out. But I wouldn’t let the beast keep me down. I refused to succumb to my own wallowing tears of woe.

I was no longer the same person I was before my surgeries. I wasn’t about to obsess over the negative. Reality was a kicker.

I was being realistic.

Toes don’t grow back.

I’ve accepted what has happened. I didn’t want to, but honestly, was there another option? I came to terms with what I had to do, and had every intention of controlling what I could in my life.

Here are the brutal facts:

I was in excruciating pain, with what seemed like never-ending twists of random setbacks. The beast tried to break me, make me bend in places I never thought I’d go. I refused to die. I wouldn’t give in to the weakness of surrender.

I was repulsed by my feebleness.

I shook my fist at my mortality.

I was angry.

I was terrified.

I was happy to be alive.

I was loved.

Because of all of those and many more, because of who I was, it only made me stronger. It fastened and deepened the conviction of survival in my heart.

I almost lost my life. It would’ve been a pretty hefty price to pay for a neglected strep infection.

Who knew such a minor thing could become so fatal?




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