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Alana Church was born and raised in central Illinois. An avid reader since she was a young girl, she grew up entranced by the realms of Middle-Earth, Narnia, and Prydain.  She has dabbled as a writer since she was a teenager, but it was only with the advent of the internet and the growth of e-publishing that she decided to try erotica as more than a part-time hobby. Her books fall into two main genres; Urban Fantasy, Erotic Romance, and Erotica. She loves weaving folklore into her stories, many of which are set in Des Moines, Iowa, because she finds the idea hilarious. She is perhaps best-known for her "Coven Chronicles" and "Succubus" series, which have earned high reviews.


Bill Carter was starving and dying of exposure when he fell asleep by the standing stone in the Russian Arctic. Sacrificing his life to save his friends, he never expected to wake up, warm, safe and healed, in the presence of the immortal Snow Maid.

Polina had been alone for decades, her youth slowly draining away as belief in her faded in the world above. She had taken Bill's life in trade for those of his companions. Will the heat of their passion ignite an eternal love, or are the differences between them too great?

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Andi Selene was flat broke and working as an escort when the offer came. A client wanted to see her. And not just for an hour or two, but for an entire week!

But Andi quickly discovers the client is more than she bargained for. The client isn't a man, but a gorgeous young woman named Chara. Now Andi finds herself caught in an ever-rising spiral of passion. Chara is intelligent, beautiful, and amazingly kind. But she has her own secrets. When they finally succumb to their mutual attraction, will their friendship survive the revelation that Chara is not human, but a visitor from the stars, on a mission that will change Andi's life forever?

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Michael has known Lisa since he was a kid. But when the sexy MILF divorces her husband and moves back home, he has one last chance to make his teenage dreams come true. Michael's all grown up, and it's time to prove it to "His Horny MILF Babysitter!"

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Mary was running away from a lifetime of abuse, looking only for a safe place to raise her children. Eveline had been rejected by her family, and was trying to start her life over. When chance threw them together, it was only a matter of time before the sparks of desire caught fire. But will their mutual attraction be enough? Only time will tell, as Mary attempts to embrace her…Innocent Passion.

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Harald the Beardless was desperate. With his farm failing, he needed coin to feed his mother and sisters. But he was captured on his first raid as a Viking, made the slave of the lovely but cold-hearted Fiona.

But even Fiona can't deny her attraction to the handsome young Viking. Desire rises faster than the heat from Fiona's forge. Will she risk all to win the heart of "Her Viking Slave?"

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