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Candace writes stories perfect for fans of feel-good, sweet romance with lovable magical characters set in enchanting small towns.

Her magical characters deal with day-to-day problems, just like everyone else. Usually in an ordinary way. Often with the help of their unique gifts. She's written about psychics, shape-shifting falcons, witches, wizards, and time travelers.

Oh, and at least one snarky, talking feline in every book.



ENCHANTING ROBBI -- Baga Shores Romance Book 3 
Oceans apart in the sea of love

Fish whisperer and marine biologist Robbi Britton’s career rides on her first solo consulting assignment at the Tanner Memorial Aquarium. But she knows she’s in trouble when the director turns out to be the guy she almost flattened with her scooter on the way to her restaurant job.

Will Providence is confident earning this research grant will take the aquarium to the next level, but he has a sinking feeling when he recognizes his visiting expert. Can the aquarium’s new, inexperienced consultant reach his level of nerdiness to help him and his students land it?

As they begin working together, Robbi and Will's Draio wizard talents aren’t the only magic between them. They discover an attraction they’re both reluctant to dive into while they’re on the job. But when the aquarium’s chatty sea creatures warn Robbi she’s in danger, there’s more at stake than a science project.

With their lives and love on the line, can Will and Robbi unravel this fish tale and face the future without ending up dead in the water?

ENCHANTING ROBBI is the third in the Baga Shores series set in a small town on Florida's gulf coast. All Baga Shores books are contemporary sweet romance with a magical twist!

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She’s faced with an impossible choice...

Haunted by her dark past, Sabrina de Malnati tightly guards her privacy and her heart. Since she was seventeen, she’s survived on street smarts and her magical Draiocht gift. The longest she’s stayed anywhere is in Baga Shores, a quaint beach town on Florida’s west coast.

Colton James was a rising star in the international civil engineering firm he worked at before an economic downturn caused him to reevaluate his career path. Making a life-changing decision, Colton packs his bags and follows his dreams to the quaint, small, gulf-coast town of Baga Shores, Florida.

Sabrina’s return to Baga Shores brings an unexpected surprise when she finds herself charmed by Colton, the nerdy-engineer-turned-brewer. Their friendship soon deepens just as Colton’s plans provoke a hidden enemy. If he continues his quest, Sabrina knows it means his inevitable death. The only way to save him is to strike a deal with a nefarious shadow Draio.

Colton doesn’t believe in magic, but time is running out, and Sabrina must face an impossible choice: reveal her true nature to Colton and risk losing his heart, or hide it and let him die.

Will Colton accept that there is magic in this world before it is too late, and if he does, will he accept Sabrina—magic and all?

Don’t miss out on CHARMING SABRINA, the second book in the magical, contemporary Baga Shores Romance Series. This series is perfect for fans of feel-good, sweet romance stories, lovable magical characters, and enchanting small towns.

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The problem with magic is that it doesn’t always work the way you want….

Andie McCraig is not only a single mom—she’s also a witch! Unfortunately, she isn’t a very good one. When her young son courts danger by flaunting his emerging Draiocht gift, she has no other choice but to return home to Baga Shores.

The last thing Brett Austin wants is a protégé. He renounced his gift long ago and has no intentions of being a mentor, much less a role model, to a powerful young Draiocht with a mother who couldn’t cast a proper spell if her life depended on it!

A frightening prediction changes Brett’s mind. As danger swirls around the enchanting small town of Baga Shores, Brett soon realizes he and Andie must work together to protect her son.

Can Brett let go of the past long enough to help Andie, or will he fail again—this time losing everything important to him?

Download BEWITCHING ANDIE, the first book in the Baga Shores Romance Series!  BEWITCHING ANDIE is perfect for those searching for feel-good, sweet romance stories with lovable magical characters and enchanting small towns.


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