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New cigar poetry is coming out in Driftwood, a juried publication of Brevard county writers covering a wide area of subjects in stories and poems. Other writings in the past four years appear in Space Coast Writers Guild themed books: Love and Rockets, Gratitude, Spring, Friends, Perseverance, Holidays, Florida, and Dreams (October, 2018). Growing up in Brevard County, Florida, in the fifties and beyond, I lit up my first cigar when stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. There, White Owls, Hav-a-Tampas, Phillies, and Swisher Sweets inspired my poetry. Cigars disappeared as I managed consumer lending departments in Kansas City, Missouri, and then worked for a major advertising and marketing firm. Jump forward 25 years, and with my return to Florida, I picked up a cigar at a party, then started with Garcia y Vega cigars in the little plastic sleeves. I dropped in on a small beachside cigar shop and worked my way through his $2 bin, then branched out to see what the world of leaf offered me.


A Collection of Poetry

Available For Sale 

through Paypal.  Paypal allows you to easily make a purchase using your major credit card.  You can also obtain a copy from any fine cigar shop in your area.

If you would like to reserve a copy of Spanish Cedar, or if you have any questions, please Contact The Author.

Spanish Cedar is a collection of writings about the experience of one cigar smoker; the form I chose is poetry, but the people I have shared these writings with in recent years have each said, "Yes. I share these thoughts with you."


The poems are about specific cigars, about the cigar world, or written while enjoying a cigar. Poems have been approved by fellow cigar smokers throughout the USA and Caribbean islands.

Purchase on SpanishCedar.com





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