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C.J. Darling was raised on a remote farm in rural Indiana. Since she was an only child and neighbors were few, she developed a rich and colorful imagination that became her closest loyal friend. Together they roamed the hills of her home, 'finding tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in every thing.' Her literary tastes have been shaped by the inspired works of Anne McCaffrey, Robert Heinlein, and Nora Roberts—all of whom she hopes to become when she grows up. She has been publishing since 1994, and has written nearly 200 books and short stories under various pen names. Her love of animals has led to rescuing a wide variety of handicapped animals, including birds, ferrets, reptiles, and a semi-paralyzed cat named Phantom. She has been blessed with two sons who actually acknowledge her existence, and an incredibly tolerant husband who indulges her whimsical flights of fancy without calling for the guys with butterfly nets. Recently she was lucky enough to find her long-sought birth family, and was reunited with her older brother who was adopted out separately as a baby. Now they're making up for a lot of lost time, and every day is a joy of new discoveries. Though she has traveled extensively and seen many beautiful and wondrous things, the home of her heart will always be lovely Ireland. She dreams of emigrating to that glorious land of magic and mystery…and once there, shall nevermore stray.

Rescued by Love

C J Darling

Boruma Publishing

E Book



Devon Gallagher had reached her dream, the proud owner of an exotic pet store.

Lucas O’Shaunnessay owned one of the largest pet chain stores in the US. He was not happy when he found out Devon’s store was put in the same flea market as the original store. Prepared for a fight, he was completely surprised and when he entered her store. It was pleasant with a relaxing atmosphere.

And she was gorgeous.

He was pushy and she wasn’t happy about it. Despite their issues, they managed to find a common ground and goal.

Both characters seem to have judgmental, bigoted attitudes toward affluent people-describing them as shallow, snobby, and self-centered.

Unfortunately, their bigotry was a turn-off. The book is also in the erotic/erotica genre. It is not erotic romance, nor is it erotica. Expecting it to be erotica, as that is what it’s categorized on the Amazon page, this reader was very disappointed.

However, it was a cute, steady-paced contemporary romance.

Kitty Lane




Have they gone crazy…or are they just crazy in love?

Sparks fly when pretty Devon Gallagher opens a new pet store entirely too close to Lucas O’Shaunnessey’s successful Pet Paradise chain.

But their shared love of animals forms a bond too strong to be broken as they fight to stop animal hoarding, search Devon’s ancestral home for mysterious hidden rooms, race to discover who’s vandalizing Lucas’s beautiful stores…and fall headlong in love.

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When FBI Special Agent Mariah Conners is injured in the line of duty, her partner, Quinn MacAllister, decides Bermuda is the perfect place for them to relax and recuperate. But it isn’t called the Bermuda Triangle for nothing! First their charter plane goes down in a freak electrical storm, and they’re cast adrift with two spoiled teenagers and an elderly retired couple. Then they discover that the remote tropical island sheltering them holds a deadly secret—a unique sentient lifeform with incredible healing power for those few who can survive exposure to its potent spores. And to really cap things off, an old enemy is in hot pursuit! He wants the spores for himself, and he’ll kill anyone who gets in his way! Can Mac and Conners keep their companions alive and escape the mysterious island before he destroys them all?.

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When ex-Marine Mitch O’Neill wins an incredible round-the-world vacation aboard the newly-commissioned Fairy Princess cruise ship, then discovers his beautiful, treacherous ex-lover is also aboard, he’s sure someone is setting him up for big trouble. He’s spent the last seven years hating Lady Guinevere Thurmond for callously breaking his heart. Who is trying to reunite them now…and why?

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Kayla Ferrell's dead husband, Patrick, isn’t ready to move on yet. After their bright future is destroyed by a tragic car crash that leaves her in a wheelchair, he’s determined to give her another chance at life—and love. But she's terrified of loving another man and losing the special connection they still share.

When she travels to the exotic Fiji islands to watch her screenplay, Deadly Divergence, be made into an exciting motion picture, she finally meets Hollywood superstar Alex Matthews in person. This is exactly the opportunity Patrick has been searching for as instant attraction sizzles between Alex and Kayla.

Alex may hold Kayla’s heart, but a bitter divorce has left him emotionally scarred, unwilling to risk falling in love again. While Kayla struggles to regain the use of her legs, he struggles against his growing attraction to her.

Can Alex and Kayla find the strength to overcome their paralyzing fears and embrace true love before the filming ends, and their time together runs out?

You'll laugh, rejoice, and maybe even cry as you experience Kayla's grueling struggle to walk again, and her heartache and joy as she falls headlong in love with the one man who has the power to heal or shatter her fragile heart.

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