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Holly J. Martin

A resident of Maine, Holly's mother always told her she was in love with love. And guess what, she was right! After all, what is more exciting than a crush? When Holly isn’t writing steamy, crush-worthy romance novels, she can be found running (she has several marathons under her belt), reading steamy romances (of course), enjoying a glass of wine with her husband (always her favorite crush), or binging on Netflix.

Holly feels very blessed to have grown up in a small town with strong roots.  Winters are long and the nights cold, and loves nothing more than to wrap up in a cozy blanket and read steamy romances!  She loves to hear from her readers. 


Beau Roosevelt seemingly has it all. Intimidatingly handsome, wildly successful, and universally respected, he’s already achieved greatness by becoming the youngest Governor in Maine’s history - not to mention its most eligible!

But Beau is only just getting started. The next stage in his ambitious journey is to win a second term in office - and to achieve that, he’s committed himself to a step-by-step plan for future success that doesn’t leave any room for wildcards.

Wildcards like Sarah Todd.

Brilliant, beautiful, and mysterious, Sarah has become Beau’s new Chief Legal Counsel - and on paper, she’s perfect for the campaign. A Harvard valedictorian with a past so clean it squeaks, Sarah seems almost too good to be true; and that’s exactly how Beau feels the moment he first gazes into her eyes.

For the first time in his life, a woman leaves him rattled. Beau is shaken, stirred, and desperate to learn more about her - except there’s nothing more to learn.

Sarah Todd seemingly has no past. No history - and that’s no accident. There’s a dark secret lurking in Sarah’s past, and if it finds its way out, it could be the death of all Beau’s political ambitions. He’d be a fool to get involved with her. She’d be crazy to go along with it.

But with chemistry this strong, do either of them have a choice?

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The Johnson Family Series



Book 1

He was the only person she trusted. Now, she can’t even trust herself.


After escaping from an abusive halfway house, Jack Elsie Johnson forges her own path forward as a successful model, determined to forget about the town of Harmony, Maine, her family—and the pain of knowing their betrayal almost cost her her life.

Jared Ross, her first love, isn’t so easy to forget, even though he’s the reason she ended up in the halfway house in the first place.  When she meets Jared again, Jack knows it would be safer if she stayed away.  She’s a lifetime away from that wild teenager he kissed one forbidden summer.  How can Jack learn to trust him again when she doesn’t even trust her own mind?


He knows they screwed up. Jared Ross has lived with that reality ever since Jack’s father sent her to a glorified juvenile detention center.  When Jack ran away, Jared and her brothers never stopped looking for her.

Now Jack has reappeared, a thriving international model with a new makeshift family.  But something is deeply wrong with her, something that even a great career and caring friends can’t cover up.  If Jared wants to earn her love, He’s going to have to confront Jack’s dark secrets, no matter how costly—or deadly—the price.

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Book 2

She’s a romantic. He’s a die-hard bachelor. They need to deal with their attraction before both of their jobs go up in flames.

Although her former employment at one of Italy’s most prestigious restaurants has proven MacKenzie O’Riley’s culinary skills, she returns to the U.S. newly single and wary of falling in love too fast. It figures that her first good, salaried offer worthy of her talents would require her to work as a pastry chef for Davey Johnson, her best friend’s brother—and the man she once swore she would marry when she grew up.

Faster than you can say vanilla glaze, MacKenzie is baking for Davey’s restaurant and holding her own in the kitchen. It’s her heart, however, that’s in real danger of being burned…

Davey Johnson doesn’t believe in second dates, let alone relationships. Instead, he’s focused his energy on running Harmony, an exclusive restaurant in New York City. He hires his kid sister’s friend to fill a pastry chef vacancy, thinking she’d be a great fit.

Except nothing is that simple. MacKenzie is more than up to the task; it’s Davey who’s faltering. She’s not the young, freckled-faced redhead he remembers, but a beautiful woman. Mixing with the staff is a terrible idea… but MacKenzie may just convince him to break his own rules.

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Book 3

They claim to be fiercely independent… and end up enjoying each other’s company every chance they get. Who’s fooling whom?

When Zena Jones isn’t working as a tattoo artist, she’s reluctantly exploring New York with her best friend. That’s how they end up in Heaven, one of the city’s most exclusive S&M clubs. Zena nearly regrets entering—until she meets Marcus, a mysterious stranger who convinces her to unleash her hidden desires for just one night. With him.

He’s everything she wants. That’s why Marcus is so dangerous to the self-reliance that’s protected her in the past. She has to stay far away, for her own good, before the marks he leaves are more than skin-deep…

Marcus Johnson, CEO of a shoe empire, has his hands full as the acting patriarch of his family and no room for relationships. Yet for the first time he can remember, he emerges from his office in the club he secretly owns to meet a customer who appears on his security feed. One night with her isn’t nearly enough, and he doesn’t even know her name.

When that stranger reappears in his life, begging him to hide her, Marcus agrees and takes Zena to his hometown. Trust never comes easily for him, not since childhood. He and Zena will have to test the depth of their desires if they want to make it out intact.

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Sweet Love

Book 4

Are they a recipe for a love match or a disaster waiting to happen?

Ty Johnson lives his new life in the shadow of his old one: the one where he was a professional baseball player and called up to the Major Leagues before a collision cost him his career and his fiancée. A family errand leads him to a bakery called Sweet Love, where the manager, Riley, is as tempting as her cupcakes are delicious.

Despite his habit of keeping women at arm’s length, Ty can’t help feeling protective of the sweet, sassy baker. But if he wants more than just a casual relationship, he’s going to have to earn Riley’s trust—and she’s not ready to trust any man.

Riley Garland has taken her talents far from her childhood home in small-town Alabama, all the way to New York City to run a cupcake shop. When the sexy but reserved Ty seeks her out, her instincts tell her he’s only going to break her heart.

No matter how great their chemistry in bed might be or how sweet Ty is to her, Riley refuses to end up like her mother: dependent on a man, ripe for abuse or addiction. Will her past define her future, or can she and Ty create a new one together?

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