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JC Wittol is an American romance and erotica writer. He is best known as the author of The One Less Traveled series.His highly-regarded series centers around Nick and Nicole, a suburban couple who open their relationship and lives to Collin, a rich, handsome black man. What follows is a delicious descent into the world of Cuckold/Hotwife relationships where every boundary is pushed, and their marriage is tested by the strong pull of the cuckold lifestyle.

JC Wittol was born and raised in Montana where his parents swore he was raised by wolves, and educated by bears. A poor student from day one, JC focused on good books, good times, good friends, and less-than-good girls. He proudly joined the U.S. Military to see the world, and was promptly sent to west Texas, where he received a quality education in the school of hard knocks. JC eventually finished college with a degree in Accounting, and after several years of crunching numbers, he returned to literature and began writing his own stories. JC prefers jagged edges and sharp points in his characters, and he focuses on the human drama created through Cuckold, Hotwife, Interracial, and related erotica.


On the surface, Nick has it all: a beautiful wife and family, and a great job. His life is one of clear skies, calm waters, and smooth sailing. Just over the horizon, however, a wave is building that threatens to change his entire life. A harmless trip to a swingers club, an attempt to try something different, leads them to Collin. The handsome, rich black man immediately enthralls Nicole, his gorgeous Latin wife, and the feeling is mutual. What follows is an exciting, gut-wrenching ride for everyone—especially Nick, who has to come to terms with his wife’s infatuation for a man who desires her. Nick is faced with a choice: remove Collin from their lives and risk his wife’s happiness, or allow Collin to remain in their lives, and risk his marriage.

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John and Becca have a complicated relationship with DeShawn. A vacation fling with DeShawn resulted in hot sex for Becca and produced a child for the young couple. When John and Becca decide to visit Disney world with their child, DeShawn makes a decision that throws everyone's life into turmoil. What starts as an innocent vacation transforms into a chaotic situation with a surprise ending.

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John and Becca were desperate for a baby. A vacation fling with a handsome black man provided Becca with tons of hot sex and a new baby, while John made an incredibly erotic discovery about himself. When DeShawn visits them, Becca’s feelings for him deepen, and John realizes how much he loves being a cuckold husband. The erotic visit forces them all in directions they never anticipated.

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John and Becca are deeply in love, but they’re desperate for a baby. A vacation presents them the perfect opportunity for sun, sandy beaches, and plenty of sex. Just before their vacation, though, John’s doctor gives him devastating news.

When they meet DeShawn, a handsome black man…John gets an idea. What follows is an exciting ride of love, lust, and uncontrollable interracial attraction.

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