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As term paper for Psychology 101, Jamy Rosser wrote first novel, Banishment of Drew NuBreed. The dialogue was so raw with street life that his mother refused to read it. She told him, "Until you write a novel that's library clean I'm not reading you". He jokingly claims, Hope and Dave are my Scarlett and Rhett in current novel, American Princess Meets Homeboy. This fast paced character driven story of 70's Americana travels from Las Vegas to sister city, Los Angeles.



Hope Johnson's family rules the fashion industry at Fashion on Fremont.Unbeknownst to her father, she secretly promotes David Taylor as amanager in the menswear department. Never knowing that his life wasabout to change drastically.

But, he had a secret, too.

Relaxing and enjoying a night in Golden Nugget Casino, he confesses his love ofpoetry. Surprised, she relentlessly teases him. But she doesn't stopthere. Hope and her father's girlfriend encourage him to have his poemspublished.

His chapbook, Man Meets Woman tumbles him into the world of success in the Indie bookstore circles.Together they promote his poetry traveling to book signings, leading him to a publishing contract and landing on the LA Times bestsellerlist.

David's life has shifted in a different direction. Will his success change himor will he still be the man Hope fell in love with?


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American Princess Meets Homeboy

Jamy Rosser

Waldorf Publishing

Trade Paperback



The story is written in first person present tense. This particular reader found it to be a very difficult read and it was a struggle to continue with the story. I’m glad I stuck with it.

Hope Johnson, daughter of the Johnson family who rules the fashion industry, meets David Taylor, and promotes him to manager. David’s life changed forever…

It’s a worked hard for my money love story. It’s new money meets old money. It’s a great story.

Kitty Lane

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