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As term paper for Psychology 101, Jamy Rosser wrote first novel, Banishment of Drew NuBreed. The dialogue was so raw with street life that his mother refused to read it. She told him, "Until you write a novel that's library clean I'm not reading you". He jokingly claims, Hope and Dave are my Scarlett and Rhett in current novel, American Princess Meets Homeboy. This fast paced character driven story of 70's Americana travels from Las Vegas to sister city, Los Angeles.




Experience Rebirth of Free Verse, where literary boundaries are transcended by the melding of poetry and journalism, emotion and investigation, chaos and structure.

From Los Angeles, to Chicago, to Atlanta, to New York … read about dominoes, purple mountains, iPhones, pets, and bayonets. This collection of poems captures three decades of social observations that illuminate how people, places, and history form identity.

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