K E Saxon

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She was his captive, he was her slave . . .

On a faraway island where the kings of both Norway and Scotland vie for control, a fierce Norse warrior lord and a Highland lady are unwillingly bound by the child she bore him and the passion they share.

But now there is danger afoot, and only her foresworn power of prophecy can save the Norseman from the menace that lurks in the shadows.

Will she break her vow in order to save his life, or will she use her pagan gifts to free herself from his command forevermore?

For readers who like Old Norse, Nordic romance, Iceland, Medieval tales, family sagas with paranormal elements, and the Campbell clan.

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Nordic Moon (The Cambels #2)

K.E. Saxon

Passion Flower Publishing

ISBN 978-0990364214


4 Stars


 Yet and still, I will have her here for as long as I can keep her…


Grimr Thorfinnson has journeyed to fetch the mother of his child, Vika Cambel.  Vowing never to touch her again, Grimr does his best to keep his promise, but there is something about Vika’s strength and beauty that calls to him like no other…

Vika Cambel has a gift of premonitions…and one she has desperately tried to hide.  But when she discovers her daughter shares her gift, Vika wants nothing more than for her to grow up feeling no shame and be proud of her heritage…and Vika will stop at nothing to protect what is hers…

 K.E. Saxon has written a complex and intriguing romantic adventure in Nordic Moon.  It should be noted that this title is the fifth in a family saga series, and, most likely, I would have enjoyed this tale much more had I read the previous novels and been more familiar with the background on the estranged lovers.  Grimr and Vika’s rocky romance is both fierce and bold as the landscape around them.  Overall, this was an enjoyable story and would recommend to those that take pleasure in reading this genre.

Sharing what I love,


Song of the Highlands
K.E Saxon
Passion Flower Publishing
Trade Paperback
978 1499399059

     Morgana Cambel knew she would never find a man who would accept her disability, her lack of speech. She was fascinated by and secretly desired the highland knight Robert McVie. Morgana made a deal with her cousin and traded places with her so she could bed McVie. When Robert told Morgana she sang in her sleep, her first reaction was pure denial--an impossibility. Yet, the song he claims she sang brought back vague visions, a flash of unexplainable memories, the image telling her to "say naught."
     McVie is furious at the trickery of the two women, especially when her uncle forces the two to marry. Robert has no choice, as the king also backs the demand. He is in desperate need of money to save his hold, and marrying a mute, penniless lady was not on his agenda. But Morgana and her cousin’s trickery were minor compared to the danger that kept raising its head and putting his wife’s life in danger.
     Ms. Saxon strategically sets a hot romance, snags the reader into a web of intrigue, and keeps the reader’s attention to the very end.

Lauren Calder



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