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M. D. Cooper is a New York Times bestselling author who has envisioned a rich future for humanity,one where planet-sized megastructures house trillions of humans, but traveling between thestars still takes decades, or even centuries.

Fans of RingworldHonor HarringtonThe Expanse, or Elizabeth Moon's Vatta's Warwill feel right at home in this, the first book of the Intrepid Saga, and the opening to the world of Aeon 14.

Over the course of the next few years, M. D. Cooper plans to release an additional twenty-two books in this expandinguniverse. sp get on board the Intrepid with Tanis and see what the stars hold for us.

I look at the night skies, at the stars and planets, and I dream of what will someday be humanity's home. I imagine a future where we have stretched out into the stars, discovering new worlds, and new beauty. These dreams have come to life in the series of books coming to life in the world of Aeon 14. 

When I began writing about a distant future--in the 42nd century--a woman named Tanis showed up. Her strength and drive took over my stories and I couldn't help but write about her. Tanis lives in a future where there is no faster than light travel and no teleporters. However, humans have created structures as large as moons, and have shifted planets. They share their minds with AI and talk to one another almost telepathically.

Yet they are still human, they still laugh, and tell tall tales, and love one another. 

The Aeon 14 universe is vast and growing quickly. To help you know where to go next, pick up the handy dandy FREE READING GUIDE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07863Y55R

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Outsystem: The Intrepid Saga book 1

MD Cooper


Trade Paperback


4.5 Stars



Major Tanis Richards, aka the Burcher of Toro, from the very beginning of her flight has been fighting insurgents. She and her security force must keep alert. The enemy is trying to destroy the Intrepid, and her job is to stop them.

Tanis and her team are in a fight for their lives. Not only do they have a fight against mercenaries and assassins, they need to find the enemy within…

Outsystem grabs the reader from the very first page. Intense, heart-pounding action, and pure sci-fi at its finest. A must read for all!

Lauren Calder

Purchase Outsystem Book 1 

99 Cents Special Introductory Price!



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