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Rachel lives in the famous Georgian city of Bath, England with her husband of 20 years and their two daughters. She currently has eight books with Harlequin Superromance (Templeton Cove Stories), four Victorian romances with eKensington and has just signed a new four book contract with Aria fiction for a new Edwardian series. When she's not working, she likes to read, knit, watch TV or walk the countryside with her chocolate Labrador, Tyler.

 Grinder's corner


Mistress of Pennington's
Rachel Brimble


Elizabeth Pennington works at Pennington’s, a department store, in the exciting time of 1910. She wants more control over her department than her father will allow. She dreams of winning him over with her innovative ideas, but he does not like change, particularly anything that would give women more power.

Joseph Carter’s wife was murdered two years ago. He blames himself for her death and dreams of vengeance. He brings his glove designs to Pennington s in hopes of seeing them sold in the store’s ladies’ department. Elizabeth stirs feelings he thought long dead. But her father wants Elizabeth to do his bidding and has no interest in her happiness.

Rachel Brimble’s latest utilizes its setting well, both time and place (Bath, England). Her characters are appealing, and her heroine’s father looms as an unpredictable villain.

Readers will enjoy and appreciate this tale.

Heather Nordahl Files

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Her One True Love
Rachel Brimble
Lyrical Press

     Jane Danes wants more than her life in Biddestone. She's wasted too much time dreaming of Matthew Cleaves. He got married, and though his wife had an affair and left, he is out of reach for her. Her dream is in Bath. She intends to go there and devote her life to orphaned children. But when she leaves with her companion, she is also stuck with Matthew!
     His intention is to keep her safe from those who would prey on her. She's too naive to be in such a big city without protection. But as he spends time with her, he realizes that he must move forward with divorcing his wife. Jane will never allow a courtship of any sort unless he is truly free.
     Rachel Brimble's latest is connected to earlier tales, but new readers will not be lost. The expertly crafted plot moves slowly, but the characters are well drawn and likable.
Heather Nordahl Files

Her Hometown Redemption
Rachel Brimble
Harlequin Super Romance
E book
978 03737609277

     Tanya Todd had to come home to Templeton Cove. She made a mess of her former, high powered life. Now she needs to find redemption and a child molester. Her sister was molested when she was just twelve years old. That monster hurt Sasha at Funland, the local fairground, and Tanya wants to catch him there. Along the way, she plans to open a new business and mend her reputation with the locals.
     Liam Browne is not happy to see Tanya again. She wreaked havoc on his life and then left. He's not about to let her back in to hurt him all over again. But she wants his help in her quest, and once he learns that it was Sasha who was hurt, he's in. But how can he keep Tanya from drawing him in again?
     Rachel Brimble continues her series set in Templeton Cove with this marvelous, mature tale. Nuanced characters struggle with real dilemmas in these pages. New readers won't be lost, as the continuing characters are sprinkled in with a light hand. A read to savor.
Heather Nordahl Files


What a Woman Desires
Rachel Brimble
Lyrical Press
Trade Paperback

     Monica Danes has become a well-known actress in Bath, making a life away from her disapproving parents, when her father’s death forces her back home. She feels trapped in her small town and craves nothing more than to get back to the life she loves. But her sister needs her, and Thomas Ashby is there. 
     Thomas' feelings for Monica shine bright, but he can’t approve of her lifestyle--and her abandonment of her family. If it weren’t for her sister’s need and her mother’s increasing madness, she wouldn’t even be there. But Thomas’ snap judgment misses the mark of why she left town. As he learns about how she was abused and her parents did nothing to stop it or protect her, he is horrified and angry. Then his desperation to keep her in her ancestral home becomes even more acute.
     Rachel Brimble's latest features the tension of city life versus country life, and the impossibility of love between the gentry and a servant. There’s a lot of push‑pull between Monica and Thomas that can be frustrating, but the chemistry between the characters can be marvelous.

Heather Nordahl Files



Christmas at the Cove
Rachel Brimble
Mass Market
978 037608812

     Carrie Jameson was a career woman who did not want to take the time for a relationship. Before she married Gerard on a holiday from work, she was drawn irresistibly to Scott Walker. She knew exactly what she wanted from him. Scott had no idea that he could be walking into a once in a lifetime moment, but when he took Carrie’s hand that night and walked out of the bar with her, he knew that it was going to be something special.
     A little more than two years later, with a daughter that was Scott’s, Carrie returned a widow, looking for Scott to tell him the truth. The pull the two of them had was compelling and hard to fight, but it just could not happen. Neither one of them believed they could do it again. There was too much involved and too many roadblocks.
     Rachel Brimble’s skilled pen has given her readers a fast paced, holiday romance with the perfect amount of push and pull in the love story that will keep the reader smiling until the very last page.
Lauren Calder



The Temptation of Laura
Rachel Brimble

     Laura Robinson lives a hard life in Bath, England at the end of the nineteenth century. Until recently she was a whore, but her friend Bette is seriously ill with pneumonia and needs Laura to help her. However, money is running out and a brutal local pimp will not leave her alone. Her dreams of acting stardom lead her to the local theater, where she gets a serving job. She is seduced by the action on stage and mesmerized by the stunning leading man, Adam Lacey, but must keep her distance because men only want one thing from her.
     Adam has made many sacrifices to get where he now is, but much of his life is a sham. He deliberately lives beyond his means in order to look successful, but he has written a play and dreams of seeing it performed, with himself as the leading man. He still seeks his Lucinda and finds her in Laura. Convincing her that she can play the part is a much more difficult proposition—she has never acted on stage before, and she cannot read, making learning her lines a challenge. Both Laura and Adam will have to fight to achieve their dreams.
     Readers seeking something different in a historical need look no further than Rachel Brimble’s latest. Her characters are not the usual nobility, but are instead commoners on the edge of dire poverty. That desperation colors their choices, making for a harder-edged read. The city of Bath serves as a vivid backdrop in this intense, dark tale.
Heather Nordahl Files