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Thomas Roberts has always been a reader. Even as a young man, he challenged himself to finish every book he started—a challenge that accidentally included some dense material. But the rewards were worth it.

It wasn’t until he discovered a Penthouse magazine “Call Me Madam” column by Xaviera Hollander that his eyes were opened to a life style called “Hotwife.” The letter was written by a man who enjoyed watching his wife have sex with other men—he’d found what he’d been looking for.

He has been fortunate to be in enough real-life situations to know what it’s like to enjoy the pain, jealousy, and sexual excitement having a real “hotwife” can bring.


Michael’s new job just has one catch: He has to share his wife with the boss! Knowing Karina’s having mind-blowing sex leaves him hurt, jealous, and unbearably aroused…especially since he’s not even allowed to watch as his gorgeous wife is gradually stolen from him. When Marshall shows her off as his date, he knows he can never be her public husband again. How can he manage to win her back again?

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He heard clothing being stripped off, and his wife moaning. Knowing men were excited by her beautiful body fulfilled a need deep inside her, an insatiable lust to be taken and used. He’d started this, but how long can Ryan battle his own jealousy, rage, and hot longing while she’s taken hard and fast by multiple hot studs?

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I can’t help myself around my husband’s bullying boss…whatever he wants from me, he takes. Then he demanded I take off my wet panties in the middle of a crowded dance floor when my husband was only a few feet away. I didn’t expect him to show them to Todd and brag about what he planned to do to me! Why does the possibility of getting caught excite me so much?

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We know who Savana is--we’ve all seen her on cable news. She’s beautiful, single, and smart. Her voice alone could seduce almost any man. But few people know she’s actually a married hotwife. Even fewer people know her husband watches over the internet as she’s taken hard by both sexes. She’s sexy, famous, and available, but all she really wants is the man she married.

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