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Bedding Mr. Birdsong by Deborah Camp 4 stars

Express Pursuit by Carolyn Beauregard

My One True Cowboy by Soraya Lane 



Gone with the Rogue by Amelia Gray

The Highland Rogue by Amy Jareki  4 stars

Highland Sword by May McGoldrick  5 stars

A Time of End by Kathryn LeVeque  5 stars

What a Highlander’s Got to Do  by Sabrina York  4 stars



Bloodstone by Helen C. Johannes 4 stars

Date With Dracula by Dakota Rebel

The Inscription  by Pam Binder  4 stars
Revenge (The Vaedra Chronicles Book 2) by Ester Lopez  4 stars



Casey by Claire Marta and Nia Farrell  4 stars



Expect Betrayal - Operation Delphi  by JoAnn Smith Ainsworth  4 stars

The Purloined Puzzle by Parnell Hall


Booty from the Other Genre

In Bed With the Earl by Christie Caldwell  5 stars

Keep Writing With Fey by Chris Fey  4 stars

The Nemesis Manifesto by Eric Von Lustbader  4 stars

The Sweeney Sisters by Liam Dolan 5 stars

Whiskers, Feathers, and Fur by Austin Donnelly  5 stars

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Jingle Belle's Rock by Brynn Paulin  5 stars
Rescued by Love by CJ Darling 3.5 stars
Sleighing Mr. Right by Hope Ford   5 stars
A Triple C Ranch Christmas Wedding by Debra Parmley   3.5 stars
You, Me, and Twenty-Seven by Beth Loure
The Beast of Beswick by Amaile Howard   5 stars
Devil's Dominion by Kathryn Le Veque   5 stars
The Duke's Desire by Erica Ridley   4 stars
Forever My Duke by Olivia Drake   3.5 stars
In Bed with the Earl by Christi Caldwell
My Darling Duke by Stacy Reid   5 stars
Scot Under the Covers by Suzanne Enoch   5 stars
Wild, Wild Rake by Janna MacGregor   5 stars
Stormsong by CL Polk   4 stars
Before Him by Charity Parkerson   5 stars
The Business of Blood by Kerrigan Byrne   5 stars
Been There, Married That by Gigi Levangie  4 stars
Book of Scandal by Al Tonya Washington  4.5 stars
Christmas in Venice by Joanne Fisher  3 stars
Barbecue and Bad News by Nancy Naigle  3 stars
Consumed by Fire by Anne Stuart
Fear the Dark by Kay Hooper  4.5 stars
Field of Graves by JT Ellison  3.5 stars
Gone by Amy Landon  4 stars




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