Bella Andre~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Game for Seduction
Bella Andre
Pocket Trade Paperback
**** +

      Ever since she was an awkward teen, Melissa McKnight has had a crush on football star Dominic DiMarco, but she knows he's out of her league. But after she winds up in his arms during a photo shoot, they kindle an explosive passion that finds them making love constantly, and anywhere but in a bed. Melissa's dearest dream is to become a sports agent, and Dominic claims to want her to represent him. But how can she represent someone with whom she's sexually involved?
     Dominic's troubled past has led him to the straight and narrow. He doesn't drink or party, but he still believes he's not good enough for a good girl like Melissa. She rouses protective instincts that lead him to caveman behavior, and she also leaves him burning with a constant need to indulge his lusts. But if they're not careful, their hormones could ruin her career before it's off the ground.
     Bella Andre's second tale about the San Francisco Outlaws football players is as enjoyable as the first, with good characterization and loads of hot sex. Lovers of romantic erotica will turn the last page with a smile. 
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