Cami Dalton~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Pleasure to the Max!
Cami Dalton
Harlequin Blaze #414 Mass Market

             Cassie Parker recently broke up with her louse of a fiance, and the resulting damage to her self-esteem has depressed her adventurous spirit. So her very adventurous great-aunt decides it's up to her to spice up her life, and she steals a rare Russian artifact with a history of satisfying sexual desires, and she sends it to Cassie. She's skeptical about the lover's box and its rumored powers, but she writes down some fantasies and tucks them in the box. Then the embodiment of her fantasies breaks into her great-aunt's shop and shows immediate interest in her, so she's sure she conjured him up!
          Max Stone is the true owner of the box, and he's bemused and baffled by Cassie's odd behavior, especially when three more men break into the shop and she shows no fear, even though she's wearing nothing but a towel! He wants the lover's box for the rumors that it leads to great treasure, and knows nothing of the box's erotic powers. But he's certainly affected by the box, as he and Cassie start burning up the sheets on a regular basis, even as the box-- and the stolen original diary-- lead them on a non-stop wild ride into Russia and danger.
         Cami Dalton's long awaited second book is a giddy delight from first page to last. While Cassie doesn't always seem terribly bright, she's always funny, and the snappy narrative makes the pages fly by.
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