Catherine Kean~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Knight's Reward

Catherine Kean

Medallion Mass market

Historical Romance

ISBN 978-1932815993



Gisela Anne Balewyne had run away, taking her son Ewan from a violently abusive husband. At the market in the small village where she had tucked herself away, Gisela realized she was being followed. Dressed as a vagrant in search of thieves who had stolen a shipment of silk, Dominic de Terre followed the woman who walked like an aristocrat, yet donned peasant’s clothing. She reminded him of a love he had left behind too many years ago. Watching her escape through a passage, her hood slipped exposing her features. It was his Gisela.

Dominic continued his search for the stolen merchandise while he reacquainted himself into Gisela’s life. As a seamstress, he believed she would have some ideas on about who would have the silks. Fearing for herself and her son, she could not admit that she suspected the fabric she was commissioned to sew was the very same merchandise.

Warning: this book will cause you to lose sleep and you will be yawning all the next day. You will not want to put it down until it is finished. A fast-paced treasure that involves you in the story from the very beginning, with wonderful characters, an excellent storyline, and a tale that will leave you cheering at the end.

Lauren Calder