Chris Salvatore~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Chris Salvatore
Pocket  Trade Paperback

           Publicist Gia Felice works for a sci-fi/fantasy publishing house whose authors are all the real thing-- the vampire authors are real vampires, the werewolf authors are real werewolves, etc. Gia is human and is fiercely attracted to her number one author's manager, Johnny, and if they follow this electrifying passion to its logical conclusion, she will be changed into a vampire. She's not sure about this lifestyle change, and Johnny resists taking such an irrevocable step, so while they mostly keep apart, when they are together, they play a game of tease and retreat.
         Their attraction has unexpected consequences. Johnny's feelings for Gia are so intense he causes her wounds to bleed freely and not heal. She sees a special underworld doctor for medicine to treat this condition, but if things remain as they are, her health could be in serious jeopardy. And a favor she is doing for her number one author, Bella, is looking like it might be dangerous, or even deadly.
         Chris Salvatore makes a fantastic debut on the paranormal scene with this fun and exciting novel. Her heroine is a fairly typical chick lit heroine at first, drinking too much and taking a snarky tone in telling her tale, but after the fairly shallow introduction, she reveals her depth. Readers will enjoy dipping their toes in this paranormal world. 
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