Cindi Myers~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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At Her Pleasure
Cindi Myers
Harlequin Blaze #419 Mass Market

             Nicole Howard just got out of a bad relationship that also left her out of a job. At loose ends, she joins her friend Adam on the adventure of a lifetime. They sail to an island near Jamaica which may have pirate treasure in the nearby waters. The pirate who inhabited this island was Passionata, one of the few female pirates, who wrote a memoir in the early eighteenth century. Adam loans Nicole the memoir, and the spirited lady pirate-- and her determination to take the lead in her erotic affairs-- inspires Nicole to stop being passive in her love life, and take the lead. Now she needs a man on whom she can practice her new, assertive ways.
           Ian Marshall is a scientist and academic on the island to document the local wildlife and marine life. He works for FREE, an environmental group trying to prevent the British government from turning the island into a military facility, which would destroy coral formations and likely far more. His first encounter with Nicole is embarrassing-- he's naked at the time-- but her aggressive overtures soon make it clear that she wants him. Her friend Adam is annoyingly secretive until Nicole forces him to tell Ian why they're on the island. But Ian is keeping secrets that could harm their budding relationship, and an outside force threatens the search for pirate booty.
          This fun, tropical escape tale will make readers smile, full of excellent characters, some of whom will return next month in this book's sequel.
Heather Nordahl Files