Marianne Stillings~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Marianne Stillings
Avon Mass Market
**** +

            Inspector Andie Darling is sick of her police work being overshadowed by that of the men in her family. She hopes her latest assignment will get her that promotion to Homicide that she hopes for. All she has to do is catch Logan Sinclair in the act. He claims to be a clairvoyant, but Andie knows he's a fraud, because clairvoyance isn't real. She will pretend to engage his services, and hopefully he will admit to his fraudulent activities.
           Logan is indeed a fraud, but he's also a real clairvoyant. He turned his back on his gift long ago after a terrible tragedy. He's attracted to Andie, but the home she has chosen for a séance has a real energy that he has difficulty shutting out. Andie has seen the ghost there, though she denies it to herself, and her dreams are telling a story that dates back to the San Francisco earthquake and fire, more than one hundred years before. Now she finds that her case has become more complicated, for her crooked boss is demanding that Logan be caught, even if she has to manufacture evidence. If she fails in her assignment, those around her will pay.
           This final chapter in the Darling Detectives trilogy is a stand-alone, page-turning delight, well seasoned with suspense and the paranormal. The sub-plot featuring Andie's crooked boss is introduced awkwardly, but the building suspense and the three-hankie epilogue amply make up for this minor flaw. 
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