Selena Montgomery~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Selena Montgomery
Avon Mass Market
**** +

          When Kell Jameson was a teenager, she and her two best friends got
into serious trouble one night. After that, Kell left the small town of
Hallden, Georgia. Now a high-powered defense attorney, Kell comes back home
for the only person that could bring her back to her childhood home-- Eliza,
the woman who ran the foster home where Kell and her friends were raised.
Eliza's like a mother to her, and when Kell hears that Eliza could get
arrested for the murder of a local lowlife, she jumps to her defense.
          When Sheriff Luke Calder first meets Kell, she's committing a
series of driving offenses on her way into town. They strike sparks off each
other immediately, both angry and passionate. But they are working at cross
purposes. Luke is investigating the murder and wants to get to the truth.
Kell wants to protect her client at all costs, and because some information
could incriminate Eliza, she can't risk him knowing the truth. The city
police chief wants to horn in on the investigation, and his behavior is
suspicious. Is his interference just to make himself look good for the
November elections, or is there something more sinister going on?
         Selena Montgomery's writing sparkles with confidence in her best
book to date. Her characters are well written, and the suspense will keep
you hooked. But there's enough left unresolved at the end of the book that
you'll be begging that the next book in this series comes out very soon!

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