Victoria Alexander~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Seduction of a Proper Gentleman
Victoria Alexander
Avon Mass Market
**** +

            Kathleen MacDavid is on a mission to end a curse. She is the last of her Scottish family, and in order to stop the curse she must marry the last remaining member of the English Leightons, Oliver, the Earl of Norcroft. But how can she manage an introduction, never mind a wedding? She does meet him in London, but he thinks she's a beggar! She needs another plan, and her aunt has one. He's gone to his country estate, so Kathleen and her aunt take a train that goes to Norcroft. Her aunt will travel on to a party at a nearby estate, but something else is in the cards for Kathleen.
           The next thing she knows, she's coming back to consciousness in Oliver's home-- and she has amnesia. Apparently she took a fall off a train platform, and the resulting blow to the head took her memories. In this state, she and Oliver fall for each other, though he is slow to make a move because neither one of them knows her marital state. When her memory finally returns, she agonizes over how to tell him her reasons for being there, and she wonders if her aunt used magic on her to create the situation.
            Victoria Alexander completes her Last Man Standing quartet with a perfectly charming farce. Lovers of alpha males need not apply, but other readers will adore Oliver, and a touch of magic is the finishing touch on this treat of a tale. 
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