Anna Campbell 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Captive of Sin

Anna Campbell

Avon Mass Market





       Lady Charis Weston first meets Gideon Trevithick in a stable. She is an extremely wealthy heiress who will come into her inheritance in three weeks, on her twenty-first birthday. Her stepbrothers want that money by any means necessary, including beating her into submission. She flees their captivity and is huddled in the stable when Gideon finds her. Understandably, she doesn't want to trust anyone, but allows him to provide first aid and a ride to Portsmouth. She does, however, try to escape twice, once on the road and once in Portsmouth, where a melee takes place between coarse seamen intent on her virtue and Gideon and his men.

     Finally Gideon takes her to his home in Cornwall. He is known as a national hero, but his time in India left him a damaged and tortured man. He cannot touch anyone without suffering a debilitating attack, and he often needs laudanum to recover from it. Charis, or "Sarah" as he knows her, will be protected from everything, including him. But then her stepbrothers somehow follow her trail to Gideon's home, and once he meets them he realizes the only way to keep her safe is to marry her.

     Anna Campbell's latest features a heroine who, once she gets to know and trust Gideon, is utterly unafraid to show her feelings even if they paint her in a needy light. That unwillingness to play games is refreshing. Gideon may well be one of the most tortured heroes you'll ever read, and once you discover what has made him into the man he is, your heart will break for him. This author's work transcends typical Regency conventions to create some of the best books in the marketplace.


Heather Nordahl Files


Tempt the Devil

Anna Campbell Avon

Mass Market


**** +



       Julian Southwood, Earl of Erith, is home in England to see if he can reconcile with his now adult children. When they were young, his beloved wife died, and he could not cope with the loss, so left the children with an aunt. Now he wants them to know he's ready to be a father (in hopes that it is not too late), but he wants a love life too. He chooses notorious, sultry Olivia Raines to be his mistress, in hopes of having an uncomplicated liaison. But the lovely Olivia is very complicated indeed.

       Olivia hates men. When she was little more than a child, her brother sold her to pay off gambling debts. The man he sold her to was brutal and abusive, and he passed her on to another man, thus starting her on her career as a courtesan. She has spent her life since protecting her son from discovery, but she knows no one will ever touch her heart-- except that as cold as Julian seems at first, not only is could he uncover her secrets, but he is dangerously close to melting both her body and her heart.

      This third Anna Campbell novel is a sequel to her debut, Claiming the Courtesan, but it easily stands alone. The emotional intensity is wonderful, and these complicated characters ably carry the tale. This author should be a fan favorite with anyone who wants a quality historical romance.


Heather Nordahl File