Caridad Pineiro~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Sins of the Flesh
Caridad Pineiro
Mass Market
**** +

       Facing terminal brain cancer, cellist Caterina Shaw agrees to experimental therapy to save her life and bring light and music back into her life. She is cured, but she has been used as a guinea pig. Her mind is impaired by LSD, among other things, when she goes on the run from the medical facility following the murder of one of the doctors performing her therapy. Mick Carrera is hired to capture her and bring her back by any means necessary. His employers tell him she's a murderer, but the tired, hungry and confused woman he captures is not what he expects... though no one would anticipate Caterina's condition.
       Her skin shows a chameleon-like tendency to change color according to the background, and her blood is an iridescent green. She is ill, confused and possibly psychotic. Mick's sister is a nurse, and though she has her own troubles, she provides care for Caterina and has a friend work on the puzzle of her blood. But everyone will need to band together, for a fellow mercenary with few scruples is after them, and the danger grows while Caterina's health becomes shakier.
       Caridad Pineiro launches an exciting series with this wild ride of a tale, where medical miracles have a dark side and love walks hand in hand with danger. Both the mystery and the love story are wrapped up perfectly at the end, but enough menace remains to build reader anticipation for the next book in the series.
Heather Nordahl Files