Caro Peacock~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Dangerous Affair
Caro Peacock
Avon  Trade Paper
**** +

            Liberty Lane wants to be an independent woman, although as a young woman alone in early Victorian England, she has a hard time making ends meet. Daniel Suter is a friend that everyone thinks she should marry, but she does not feel ready for marriage. Then he falls in love with a young actress, and she realizes what she has lost. But amid her heartache, she must act to save young Jenny's life. Jenny is a dancer and rival to the notorious Columbine. When Columbine dies right after a most public spat with Jenny, Jenny is arrested as the most likely suspect in the crime.
          Liberty does what she does best-- ask questions and investigate the crime. Daniel is in the throes of intense and obsessive love, and Jenny's arrest has sent him into a tailspin. He can no longer concentrate on work and spends his days walking dangerous streets chasing wild possibilities. Liberty worries about her friend as well as about Jenny, and while she knows that Jenny is innocent, she needs to find proof. But proof is hard to find as well as dangerous.
          This is Liberty Lane's second mystery, and this is even better than the first (A Foreign Affair). This tale is set at the dawn of the Victorian era, and seeing the era through the eyes of a young lady who is anything but a royalist is intriguing, as is the brief glimpse of a young Benjamin Disraeli. Readers should enjoy this first-person puzzler.

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