C.E. Murphy~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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 Walking Dead
C.E. Murphy
Trade Paperback

       Police detective Joanne Walker has grown over the past year. After spending too much time and energy fighting it, she has finally embraced her talent and identity as a shaman. She also has a love life for the first time in forever. But acceptance does not make her life easier or safer. When restless spirits invade her Halloween party, she is faced with the challenge of sending the ghosts on to where their souls belong. Her partner has an affinity for ghosts, and has connections who can help.
       But more is at stake than a handful of souls. An ancient cauldron has been stolen and a man murdered at a local museum. Legend claims that the cauldron can revive the dead, and Halloween night is the most powerful time for this to occur. Joanne is in a race against time to find the cauldron and destroy it, for if she fails, the dead will rise all over Seattle.
       The Walker Papers is an excellent urban fantasy series, and Walking Dead is the best series entry yet. Joanne Walker has matured, and yet she's still a lot of fun to read about, as is the cast of secondary characters, including a cross-dressing detective, and old-but-spry cabbie, and Joanne's boss (and not-quite-secret crush). The breakneck pace of the tale makes it hard to put down, so plan to stay up late breathlessly turning the pages. Not to be missed!

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