Eileen Carr~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Hold Back the Dark
Eileen Carr
Pocket Mass Market
**** +

         Psychologist Aimee Gannon knows her teenage client Taylor is troubled, but never expects her to be in police custody. Taylor has descended into a catatonic state. Her parents have been brutally murdered, and she was found at the scene, covered in cuts. Designs have been painted on the wall in blood, and it is eventually discovered that Taylor painted those designs in her own blood-- and it is a design that she has drawn while in therapy. Something has happened that resurrected a childhood trauma in Taylor's memory. Is it connected to the murder, and who is to blame?
        Police officer Josh Wolf involved Aimee in the case in hopes that she could get through to Taylor. But she is still unwilling to communicate. Josh and his partner follow all the leads they can, but every one seems to result in a dead end. And there is more going on than just the case at hand. Aimee is being stalked by a former patient who had once attempted to rape her She is still haunted by the fear caused by that event, and she will have to learn to get past her fear to help solve the case and find love with Josh.
        Romantic thriller fans have a new name to look for on the shelves. Aimee occasionally does foolish things, but she is a sympathetic heroine. Josh is an excellent hero, and while readers are given all the pieces to solve the mystery, it is still a challenge to figure out where and how they fit.

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