Gena Showalter~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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 The Darkest Whisper
Gena Showalter
Mass Market
**** +

       Many centuries ago, a group of warriors were angered at the gods' choice of Pandora to guard a box of harmful demons, and so opened that box. As a result, they were possessed by the demons in the box. It took many years for them to learn to live with their demons in check, but now some of them have even found love. Sabin, keeper of the demon of Doubt, is not one of those. His demon inevitably affects his lovers, causing them to commit suicide. He's decided that he will live his life alone, but then a certain Harpy interferes with his decision.
       Gwendolyn was imprisoned for a year by cruel Hunters determined to impregnate immortal females. The babies will be trained as weapons against Sabin and his fellow warriors. They rescued her and the others imprisoned with her, but Sabin can't let her go after the other women are returned to their families. A Harpy could be a powerful weapon against the Hunters, and could turn the tide of the war. But Gwen has always fought her Harpy side, and will need a lot of training to reach her potential. Sabin and Gwen have a lot to learn on a twisted and dangerous journey, and love will come with pain.
       This is the fourth book in Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series, and while it can stand alone, readers who have been there from the beginning will most appreciate this dark, high-stakes adventure. Sabin and Gwen take center stage, but several other characters' stories progress, and it will be hard to wait for the next tale in this top-notch series!

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