Hank Phillippi Ryan~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Air Time
Hank Phillippi Ryan
MiraMass Market

          Charlie McNally, investigative reporter for Boston's Channel 3, hates to fly but she has to do it often for her work. She and her producer, Franklin, are waiting to take off at the Baltimore airport when word comes of a story in the making, so she gets off the plane-- and finds out that there really is no story. By now, her flight has taken off, so she's stranded without her luggage. But she finds a new story while in the airport. A woman with a counterfeit designer suitcase gives her a business card that could open up a big story.
        Charlie and Franklin are investigating the booming illegal business of "designer fakes," and the business card is Charlie's ticket to a suburban "purse party" where a lot of women come to purchase from a wide variety of fakes. But someone doesn't want her to learn more. She receives a threatening phone call, which leads her boyfriend Josh to wonder if she's putting him and his daughter in danger. Is her relationship going to crumble under the pressure of her dedication to her job, or is it the genuine article? She needs to learn to tell real from fake in love and work, and her life may be on the line.
        I spent much of my life in the Boston area, so I am certainly aware of Hank Phillippi Ryan's Emmy Award- winning work as an investigative reporter. Now she has turned her formidable talents to fiction. Charlie McNally's third adventure can stand alone, and entertainingly shows that fake fashion can be deadly.

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