Jade Lee~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Getting Physical
Jade Lee
Harlequin Blaze #489Mass Market
**** +

            Not long ago, Zoe Lewis took Tantric classes and enjoyed them, but as a student with a deadbeat ex-husband, she has neither the money nor the time to continue. Then by chance she meets Stephen Chu. He has come to America from Hong Kong to meet a woman who was to be his partner in sexual power rituals, but she is getting married, so he needs to find a new Tigress. Zoe has the talent but not the time, and she has difficulty taking the practice seriously.
           Their first meeting is not a good one-- she's sarcastic and he's jet-lagged-- but their attraction, in body and soul, is strong enough to battle through first impressions. At first her disrespectful treatment of his sexual studies pulls them apart. But slowly she realizes that she can be the teacher as well as the student, and that she can heal his scarred soul. However, he is looking for a practicing partner, not a romantic lover, and love is not welcome.
           Strong characters and transcendent love scenes make this tale a rare delight of a reading experience. This intriguing look at a foreign culture should hook both new and seasoned readers of Jade Lee's exquisitely crafted tales. 
Heather Nordahl Files


The Concubine

Jade Lee

Harlequin Blaze #449 Mass Market





       Chen Ji Yue is a young virgin in Imperial China. Her family has paid much for the opportunity to be an Imperial Virgin. The ultimate goal is to be the Empress-- the Emperor's first wife. If she falls short, she could be a lesser wife, or placed in one of the Emperor's harems. If she fails, she will be cast out of the Forbidden City, and her parents will not take her back. For her future and her family's honor, she must achieve her goal.

        From the very beginning, Sun Bo Tao threatens Ji Yue's goal. He is hiding in the palanquin sent to bring her to the Forbidden City, and even being alone with a man could stain her honor and put her chastity into question. At first he is angry with her-- she shoves him out of the palanquin, bruising his bottom as well as his pride. But her beauty and her quick intelligence have won his heart. Both of them must deny their feelings. This is the ultimate in forbidden love, for if he touches her, they both might be put to death.

        Jade Lee's latest introduces readers to a world so foreign to many readers that it feels like a fantasy setting. The characters ring true and the setting is vivid and fascinating. Gentle readers, be aware-- there is one scene that is not graphic, but it is disturbing. 

Heather Nordahl Files...