Jamie Sobrato~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Made You Look
Jamie Sobrato
Harlequin Blaze #490
Mass Market

       Ari Day is a dancer, but the dinner club she has run for years has gotten in the way of her art. Two years ago, she was raped, and ever since then she has run from her sexuality. It's time to embrace that sexuality again by recommitting herself to dance, and by letting a man touch her again. Her choice is Noah Kellerman, the first man to reawaken her sex drive. He is her neighbor, and many times over the past year she has watched him from her window as he has sex with a series of women.
       A rough, poor childhood with a bipolar mother who committed suicide taught Noah to seek and value status and wealth. Now he takes care of his little brother who is also bipolar, doing all he can to protect him. But a few chance comments make Noah begin to wonder if he is a sex addict. Starting a relationship is the last thing he should do right now. But maybe Ari will help him learn what he really needs.
       This book has far more depth than the initial voyeurism scenario might indicate. The well-crafted characters, stars and supporting cast, have real issues without easy answers. And while some might find the resolution to be a bit too neat, readers will love to see how a happy ending can heal some wounds.

Heather Nordahl Files


Seducing a S.E.A.L.

Jamie Sobrato

Harlequin Blaze #420 Mass Market


**** +


           After a horrifying incident which claims lives and rocks morale, Lieutenant Commander Kylie Thomas is left reeling. She feels like she failed as a commander, and she knows if she thinks about the tragedy and the lives lost, she will fall apart. So instead she dwells on inappropriate fantasies about Ensign Drew Macleod, who experienced the tragedy with her. He is a subordinate and younger than she by eight years, so she knows her thoughts are inappropriate, but she'll never act on them.

           Drew never saw Kylie as a human being until the night in a bar when he sees her fall apart. They're both having trouble dealing with their memories, and after they get drunk together they fall into bed. In the morning Kylie pulls away from him to save her career, but then they both must take mandatory leave. Drew has tickets to Hawaii, where he intends to continue his S.E.A.L. training. He invites Kylie to accompany him, and she surprisingly accepts. He wants this relationship to grow, but can she let go of her control long enough to see where things will go?

           Jamie Sobrato's latest has an emotional intensity that is very appealing. Kylie manages to be both frustrating and sympathetic, and Drew is a delectable hero. Lovers of military romance will enjoy this one.

Heather Nordahl Files