Jan Coffey~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Blind Eye
Jan Coffey
MiraMass Market
**** +

          Marion Kagan is involved in a potentially world-changing nuclear development, but someone does not want this research to be completed. Armed gunmen enter the secret underground lab in New Mexico and kill everyone except Marion, who is left for dead, shot twice in the head. Alone with corpses and without power, Marion must race against the clock to stop a nuclear disaster that could obliterate the Southwest. No one knows that she's still alive, but luckily for Marion, she has a twin sister, and the bond between these twins is incredibly strong.
       In a long-term care facility in Connecticut, a Jane Doe patient has languished in an MCS (Minimally Conscious State) for six years. She becomes the subject of a brain wave study, and that's when things get interesting for the group of neurologists. They pull a phone number from her mind which belongs to Iraq war veteran Mark Shaw. He does not know the patient, but he can identify her as Amelia Kagan, because he knows her twin. They determine that Marion might not be dead, and if that's true, Mark knows he must do all he can to save her.
       The talented writing team of Jan Coffey presents a brilliant tale that is at once a pulse-pounding, page-turning thriller and a testament to the uncanny connection between twins. The many plot threads weave together into a taut web that will enthrall readers.
 Heather Nordahl Files