Jordan Dane~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Evil Without a Face
Jordan Dane
Avon Mass Market

          Jess Beckett is a woman on the edge, a Fugitive Recovery Agent (commonly known as a bounty hunter) who tends to be a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to those guilty of trafficking in children. Lucas Baker is one such man, and she almost apprehends him. He gets away, but she gets his laptop. Her employee and hacker extraordinaire is hard at work trying to get information off the computer, but then Lucas trashes her apartment, then abducts her employee, demanding an exchange-- his laptop for her friend. Immediately after the exchange, Lucas is murdered, leaving the Chicago PD taking a hard look at Jess, who is well known for her dislike of Lucas.
        He was involved in Globe Harvest, and the shadowy group's latest victim is teen runaway Nikki Archer. Her Uncle Payton, a former NFL star, is now a man who drowns his internal scars in alcohol. He must get his niece back for his fragile sister. Along the way he crosses paths with Jess and a cast of characters both good and excessively evil.
        Jordan Dane showed with her first three books that she is a writer of some talent. Her latest displays a formidable skill worthy of any of the big guns of thriller writing. This taut, dark unnerving tale will rivet you until you turn the last page. The romance is only in the last third of the book, but this is a series starter, so these characters will be seen again-- hopefully soon!
Heather Nordahl Files