Kathryn Smith~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Night After Night
Kathryn Smith
Avon Mass Market

            The vampire Temple has been captured by Villiers, the most powerful member of the sinister Order of the Silver Palm. He escapes from his captivity, but he knows that the Order still pursues of him and the four vampires who share his origins. He is correct. Vivian was taken in by Villiers when he rescued her from a freak show. She is unusually tall for the age (1899) and stronger than most men, and her father sold her after she proved that she was stronger than he. She feels a solid loyalty to Villiers, seeing him as a father figure and having no idea of the evil of which he is capable.
          She follows Temple to the island of Clare, off the coast of Ireland. He has friends in an exclusive school there. They are worshippers of Lilith, the biblical Adam's first wife and mother of the vampires, revered as a goddess. When gorgeous redheaded Vivian, the image of Lilith, arrives at the school, Temple cautions the headmistress to restrain herself from revealing her reverence, for Vivian has no idea of her heritage. Her strength and looks come from the goddess, because Lilith's blood runs through her veins. At first Temple and Vivian are enemies, for she is reporting to Villiers. But Villiers has spies in the school, and as Temple's friends arrive, the jaws of a trap are about to be sprung.
         This final tale in the Brotherhood of the Blood series is a sublime gift to fans, because the characters in the prior tales (including the novella from last year's anthology Weddings From Hell) are reunited. Those new to the series will not be lost, but it is an especially rewarding conclusion for those who have followed the series from its inception. The result is an addictive tale that could find you reading at red lights. 
Heather Nordahl Files


Let the Night Begin
Kathryn Smith
Avon Mass Market

         For thirty years, Olivia Gavin has seethed with anger at her husband
Reign. He turned her into a vampire without warning or preparation. She
retaliated by stabbing him in the chest. But now she needs him again. Her
beloved nephew has been kidnapped, and his abductors will accept a trade--
James for Reign. She'll do anything to keep her nephew safe, and Reign will
most likely survive whatever the abductors have planned for him.
        Reign loves Olivia, and much of the light went out of his world
when she left. But he knows not to trust her, so when she comes to him
asking his help, he knows that she's holding back some vital information.
Still, he is willing to help her save James, and with any luck, he will also
win her back to his side.
        This latest tale in Kathryn Smith's Brotherhood of the Blood
series is as passionate, fiery and exciting as the other books in the
series, and yet each book, including this one, has a different tone that
suits its hero. Vampire lovers should not miss this series!

Heather Nordahl Files