Lois Greiman~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Seduced By Your Spell
Lois Greiman
Avon Mass Market
**** +

            Madeline Fallon is not what she appears to be. Society thinks she's an aristocratic widow who might be looking for a lover. In reality she's a witch who uses her special powers to help the government. She and her compatriots reside at Lavender House, and are supervised by Jasper Reeves. But Maddy is frustrated that she rarely gets to use her talents on meaty cases. Girls are going missing, and she is determined to find them even if it puts her into danger. Jasper does not agree, so she leaves Lavender House to work on her own.
           Jasper always needs to present a controlled façade, but underneath that veneer is a seething mass of desperate passion and unrequited love for Maddy. Society knows him as a nobleman, but he is really a former street urchin unworthy of a woman like her. He never lets her perform dangerous missions because he needs to keep her safe. Her unwillingness to bow to his edicts sends waves of panic through him. If she leaves, he will be unable to protect her... and he must protect her, whatever the cost.
            Lois Greiman's latest paranormal features a wonderfully intense and somewhat atypical hero (Jasper isn't tall, which is unusual in this genre). The heroine is delightful, and the mystery will keep readers engrossed. 
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