Molly Harper~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men
Molly Harper
Pocket Star
Mass Market
**** +

      New vampire Jane Jameson is beginning to adjust to her new life. She loves her new job at an occult bookstore, but it's a part time job and doesn't bring in much money. Her boyfriend (and sire) Gabriel Nightengale is wonderful, but he's keeping something from her, and their relationship is hardly normal, with his frequent absences. Her best friend Zeb is marrying a werewolf from a large, redneck clan, and though she is just the "best maid," she is very involved in a Titanic-themed wedding that is going increasingly haywire.
       Zeb's mother has always imagined that he would marry Jane, and now that he's not, she's impossibly rude to the actual bride-to-be, Jolene, and is sabotaging the wedding in every way she can imagine. Jane's own family isn't much easier, with her mother's inability to acknowledge her new vampire status; her sister's hostility, thievery and lawsuits; and her grandmother's horrifying love life. Grandma Ruthie's significant others have an alarming tendency to drop dead, and she met her latest man at the funeral home. But this one may be different from the others.
       Molly Harper's second novel is even better and funnier than her hilarious debut. The craziness of weddings and family relations make for much of the lunacy here, and her heroine is the strongest part of the appealing package. Her boyfriend, however, is still a mystery, and one plot thread is left dangling, setting up anticipation for Book Three.

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