Susan Krinard~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Lord of Sin
Susan Krinard
Mass Market
**** +

       People who know her see a recent widow who has recently made her debut on the London social scene, but Nuala is more than she seems. She is a witch who has lost her powers because she once used black magic. Now she spends her days with her friends in the Widows' Club and tries not to think about the past. The Widows have vowed never to marry again, an easy vow for Nuala to make, for she plans never to give her heart again. Then she meets Sinjin Ware again, and desire flares... but so does dislike and distrust.
       Sinjin remembers Nuala, and blames her for his brother's death. He has his own club, the Forties, whose members vow not to marry until they're at least forty. He is a particuarly dedicated member, but his unpredictable feelings for Nuala are unsettling. He swings from lust to rage. Something is going on beneath the surface, something dark, sinister, and Other.
       Susan Krinard takes her Fane series to London in her latest tale of magic. This is a different sort of magic than the other Fane novels, making this tale suitable for new readers as well as fans. The thoughts planted in Sinjin's head can make him hard to like, but the story's progression should satisfy, and a sometimes surprising secondary romance enhances an excellent reading experience.

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