Susan Mallery ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Hot on Her Heels
Susan Mallery
HQNMass Market

         Deputy Dana Birch wants to protect her friends, the Titan sisters, and Garth Duncan, their illegitimate brother, has been after each of them. Now that youngest Titan Izzy was nearly killed in an explosion, Dana is determined to make Garth pay, although she has no legal proof of his actions. She brings him in for questioning anyway, which proves to be a futile gesture. But the Titan sisters are changing the game by beginning to embrace him as their half-brother. Dana vows to follow him and watch his every move, with Garth's amused awareness.
       After his mother's life was changed forever by a brain tumor and Jed Titan refused to pay for an operation to save her quality of life, Garth vowed to destroy him and his daughters. Now, as much as he tries to fight it, he realizes that his sisters are as much victims of their evil father as he is. That changes the game entirely, as he now has people other than his mother to care for and protect. But Jed is being backed into a corner, and now no one is safe, including Dana. After some threats against her, he moves her into his house. Their passion unsettles Dana, but it's the deeper feelings she arouses that keep Garth off-balance.
       With the Lone Star Sisters series, Susan Mallery has solidified her place as one of the premier writers of family-themed miniseries. All four books have been consistently excellent, and this one continues to meld moments of poignant emotion with moments of passion, vengeance and even humor. Even the somewhat sentimental epilogue rings utterly pitch-perfect. This amazing novel is a must-read, either as a series finale or a stand-alone.

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