Kaki Warner~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Pieces of Sky
Kaki Warner
Berkley Trade Paperback
ISBN 978-0425232149****+

     Jessica Thornton was with child and under the pretence of being a widow traveled to the West to find her brother. When they finally made a stop, the man who had been pestering her on the ride followed her into the eatery. Thinking he had grabbed her wrist, she reacted by defending herself, until she realized it was a different man, Mr. Brady Wilkins, a rancher in the area and a new passenger who had just found out his enemy escaped from prison.
The stagecoach they had been traveling in crashed. After helping the survivors, Brady housed them at the ranch while they recovered from their injuries and waited for another coach. The doctor had instructed Jessica to stay; fearing that if she did not, her unborn child may be harmed. Brady was attracted to the woman from the onset, but knew that the English woman would never fit in at a cattle ranch in the untamed land.
A tale written by an exceptional, gifted storyteller, with a breathtaking slow boil to passionate romance, this is one of the best westerns to hit the shelves, a sure winner.

Lauren Calder