Lindsay Townsend~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Knight’s Captive

Lindsay Townsend

Zebra Mass Market April

ISBN 978-1420103625



Marc de Sans and his three nieces are on a pilgrimage to St. Cuthbert with a band of travelers, seeking cures for their personal ailments. He rescues the beautiful Sunniva of Wereford from two men who were attempting to rape her. The journey to St. Cuthbert is fraught with many dangers. When the King had called all able-bodied men to Arms her father and brothers were cajoled into serving the King in battle leaving Sunniva behind with the other travelers.

Soon after her family left, the pilgrims abandoned Sunniva. They did not want the responsibility of watching a young maiden. Finding the attitude of the travelers to be unjust, Marc stayed behind with his nieces and they traveled to St. Cuthbert together.

Good solid writing and a steady-paced tale draw the reader into the story. Ms. Townsend has a talent for entertainment and a flair for telling tales with knights in shining armor.

Lauren Calder

A Knight’s Vow

Lindsay Townsend

Kensington Mass Market

Historical Romance

ISBN 978-120103618



Sir Guillelm de la Rochelle returned home a week after his father’s death. Their neighbors were camped outside the hold, planning a siege. Alyson of Olverton was his father’s betrothed. In order to secure peace within the keep Guillelm asked Alyson to marry him.

Fulk, Guillelm’s second-in-command, had other plans, plans for the two knights to return to the Holy Land. Guillelm trusted Fulk with his life, never believing that the man would betray him. Suspicious mishaps, whispers of deception, and mistrust kept Guillelm and Alyson from each other. When Fulk felt he was failing his friend, afraid that Guillelm was falling under a spell cast by Alyson he called in reinforcements.

Ms. Townsend gives her readers an endearing story they will cherish. Saucy characters, believable picturesque descriptions of medieval times, combined together offering the reader fascinating knights-in-shining-armor and a love story for all to enjoy.

Lauren Calder