Lisa Marie Wilkinson~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Stolen Promise
Lisa Marie Wilkinson
Medallion Press Mass Market
ISBN 978-1605420691

     Jade, a gypsy, ran from one near disaster into the arms of another. She did not want to marry the angry violent man from their clan, nor did she want to marry the other man her father had arranged. Evan Dark had been there to rescue her. When she tried to get away from him, she fell into other mishaps and Evan had to get her out of the trouble.
     Jade had never known gentleness from a man until Evan. There was something about Evan that made her cautious, made her wonder. A deal had been settled between the two for passage to the state, but once there, neither one was able to keep their promise.This is a passionate and unique story that will claim the reader’s hearts. It is one for the personal collection, a curl up on the couch romance.

Lauren Calder


Fire at Midnight

Lisa Marie Wilkinson

Medallion mass market

ISBN 978-1933836546



Rachael Penrose was wrongfully placed in an asylum in order for her greedy uncle to guarantee and strengthen his claim to the family fortune. As she was being rescued, ill, and barely conscious, fate dropped her into the lap of the man who vowed his revenge against her.

Sebastien Falconer is a privateer. He did not know Rachael’s Uncle Victor was using him as a pawn. Sebastien believed the lies told against Rachael. Keeping his true identity from her, Sebastien sheltered the sick girl. As time passed, and they grew close, they both learned of the schemes as they started to unfold, involving the threats to her brother’s life, her uncle’s deceitful plans, and Sebastien’s twin brother’s vengeful anger.

Good solid writing that keeps the reader turning the page, wondering what this talented author was going to come up with next.


Lauren Calder