Anitra Lynn McLeod~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Sinful Harvest

Anitra Lynn McLeod


Trade Paperback




Kerrick, a man of great looks and skills with women, enjoys his role as the virgin Harvester. Women were easy for him to have and many he did have.  With a single shake of his golden hair, women would fall at his feet to have even a touch from this man. He was living the very life he dreamed of and knew what he wanted in his future, until he encountered Ariss.  

This woman was different from any other that Kerrick had ever been with.  She made him feel something he had never felt before, and for the first time he thought of someone other than himself, which he liked and wanted more.  When his role changes and he is no longer in charge of his life, will he still feel the same for her?

Ariss has never felt for anyone or anything ever in her life, until she is given to Kerrick. This man is a god of looks as far as men go, but that means nothing to Ariss, for she has seen many men of his stature before him. No, it's not his looks, but the fact she can truly feel his touch and that touch feels so good. It awakens a part of her she did not know she had, but she truly wants to feel more.  When Ariss is given the power to rule over Kerrick, will he still be willing to make her feel like no other ever had?  When life changes once again for Ariss and Kerrick, can the need they feel for each other last and bloom into much more, or will it all fall apart? 

As the hands of power change from given nights of pleasure to forced nights of sex and power, Anitra Lynn McLeod shows the reader just how she can write a lush, erotic, mind blowing role with a plot that gives excitement  and the means to pull you into the story over and over.

Melody Prater