Bronwen Evans~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Invitation to Ruin

Bronwen Evans


Trade Paperback




     Anthony James Craven, the fifth Earl of Wickham, or "The Lord of Wicked" as London Society had named him, was attending this event of the Season for one reason and one reason only--Lady Cassandra Sudbury, recently out of mourning with a taste for the erotic and ready for plucking. Anthony loved the erotic and, as Lady Sudbury discreetly ran her hand over the front of his pants, was more than ready to accommodate her and make her a member of his ladies‑only "Wicked Club." But Anthony's younger‑by‑thirty‑minutes twin brother, Richard John Craven, had other ideas. Their mother wanted an heir, and it was Anthony's job to produce it, but not with the likes of Lady Cassandra. Anthony had no intention of producing anything with anyone and figured if he were enough of a rake, Richard would have to step up to the plate to guarantee an heir. So Richard decided to take matters into his own hands and made a bet with his brother that he could seduce Cassandra before Anthony could. Anthony figured the seduction was going to be a done deal that very night, so eagerly accepted the bet and memorized the directions Richard gave him to Cassandra's bedroom.

     Thinking to stir up the pot a little, Anthony decided to ask Cassandra's cousin, Miss Melissa Goodly, to dance first before he made his way up the stairs. Melissa looked almost identical to Cassandra, but there all similarities ended. She had been brought up by a brother who cared nothing for her except what kind of money she could bring into the family by a fortuitous marriage.  Melissa had felt unwanted all her life and was tired of being used as a pawn by her brother and Society, so wanted nothing to do with men or marriage--except the deliciously, dark and dangerous Lord of Wicked. Melissa had been watching and wanting him for years, but everyone knew he wanted her cousin as his mistress.        
     So imagine her surprise when the extremely erotic dream she was having later that night turned out to be real and her virginity had just been lost to the Lord of Wicked!
     Invitation to Ruin has a wonderfully inventive storyline. Our heroine belongs to a secret society that frees slaves and has no intention of ever marrying and being under the thumb of any man. And losing her virginity does nothing to change her mind. Our hero has no intention of ever marrying either, but when he discovers that his brother has duped him into the wrong bedroom and he has compromised a young lady, he is gentlemanly enough to try and do the right thing--but she won't have him. The frustration on his part and the reluctance on her part are very entertaining and make the story well worth reading far into the night.
Lani Roberts