C.A. Belmond~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Rather Remarkable Homecoming
C.A. Belmond
New American Library



     An enjoyable read, this book is lively, the characters are likeable and believable and the story, interesting. Penny Nichols-Laidly and Jeremy Laidly return home to London from their honeymoon only to receive a message from Prince Charles. The message is unsettling; Penny's grandmother Beryl's home is about to be destroyed and finding out the why and who of the destruction turns into and adventure and an opportunity for Penny and Jeremy.
     Harriet Fieldworthy and her son, Colin, tell Penny and Jeremy that Penny's Grandmother Beryl's house is at risk of being destroyed to make way for a development - an eco-village - that would not be user friendly for the inhabitants of beautiful Port St. Francis.
    Penny and Jeremy are being asked to look into the development and all who are behind it. Harriet and Colin think there are questionable and nefarious goings-on behind the scenes. While researching the development and those behind it, a manuscript is found and the possible author of the manuscript could be Shakespeare himself. However, that is another mystery for Penny and Jeremy to solve.
     This novel is the third installment of the Rather series written by C.A. Belmond and I enjoyed every page. Interesting and unusual settings are described as the two sleuths look for answers; additional characters add life and bounce to the story line. An all-together intriguing story, definitely a five star read.

Marilyn Dalrymple